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ad:tech New York

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31 Oct 2019, New York, United States



In the midst of massive change, there’s little regard for our users’ time and energy (and very little truth). Brands, agencies and technology companies that want to win need to be direct. It’s time to tell the truth. It’s time to get real about the experiences that digital advertising can deliver -- and then purposefully invest in creating that bold, customer-centric future. We know that people “buy into” experiences -- and that’s more important to them than buying products. We also know that consumers respond to brands (and experiences) with a clear purpose they can support. Call it the “conscious economy,” or the "new economy of purpose” -- but whatever you call it, know that people support and spend with companies that offer them an immediate way to get involved and live “purposefully.” So, how can brands evolve, engage and collaborate with consumers, agencies, madtech, influencers, and publishers to deliver? What tools and tactics are needed to get from a to b faster on and off platforms? Join us at ad:tech New York 2018 to explore, debate and participate in our new collective agenda: purpose, experience, impact.

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Event typeTrade show
Start date 31 October 2019
End date 1 November 2019
Duration2 day(s)
Expected attendees0
Expected exhibitors0
Business to Consumer (B2C)Yes
Business to Business (B2B)No
Year of first edition2010
Page last updated 17 Oct 2018, 12:00:01

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Conor Gilbride (attendee)
Regional Sales Manager at Initiafy New York - Contractor Management | ...
02/01/2018, 23:00
Adtech is impressive

I wanted to get a sense for what was the latest innovations in adtech as I have a lot of clients in this sector. Excellent conferences and innovative exhibitors made sure I came away happy  

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Joe Cochrane (exhibitor)
Senior Business Developement Manager
09/10/2017, 22:00
Amazing event

I attended as a visitor. It was a very well put together event. Big names from the industry. The spotlight stage is an interesting concept.  

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Conor Gilbride
Regional Sales Manager at...
Joe Cochrane
Senior Business Developem...

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