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Web Summit 2021

 4.2/5 (23 reviews)
Nov 1, 2021 (4 days), Lisbon, 🇵🇹Portugal
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Web Summit will be happening from the 1st to the 4th of November 2021 at Altice Arena in Lisbon (Portugal).

Attendees: 70,000
Exhibitors: 1,000
Industries:  #Marketing and Advertising #Digital #Startup & Entrepreneur #Tech #Information Technology
Venue:  Altice Arena

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Web Summit Lisbon is the largest tech conference in the world. It takes place from the 4th November until the 7th of November. It has been described as “Davos for Geeks”, “the best tech conference on ...  Show more

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Adriana Mendes, .Attended in 2020 as attendee
10/22/21, 8:24 PM
Selling 1ticket Web Summit 2021
The event is amazing! Amazing business opportunities I have one extra ticket to sell - I live Lisbon, Portugal. Will deliver it in person. Whoever is interested please DM through instagram (username: adri_inacio). Thanks  
Malik Hussain , Entrepreneur
10/28/21, 8:26 AM

Hi Adriana, how does one contact you in regards of potentially purchasing that ticket?

marcelo seraphim, Head - unpri.comAttended in 2021 as attendee
10/10/21, 3:38 AM
I have a spare ticket
My sister will not be able to attend. If you want to buy it, please send me your contacts here and we make the arragements.  
Benjamín Rico , Engineer
10/20/21, 2:09 PM

Hello Marcelo, I am interested

Malik Hussain , Entrepreneur
10/28/21, 8:26 AM

Good morning Marcelo, is that ticket still available?

Saniye Gülser Corat, Director - n.unesco.orgAttended in 2020 as speaker
2/12/20, 1:57 PM
Very impressive organization.
Web Summit was a good opportunity and an excellent platform to make our report visible. I made many connections for follow-up.  
Eric Lee, Product ManagerAttended in 2018, 2012 as attendee, exhibitor, speaker
2/7/20, 1:47 PM
This event is just show. No real value for most startups & entrepreneurs
I'd always recommend to look for smaller, more private conferences. Web summit definitely has a large gap between the 70k attendees, and the 100+ VIPS, that usually keep being for themselves. web summit even created exclusive sub-events, to shield the masses away from a small group of alpha's. That's really not the spirit.  
Monika Lenčickaitė, Marketing project coordinator - www.profitus.comAttended in 2019 as attendee, exhibitor, speaker
2/3/20, 1:35 PM
It was great opportunity for our startup.
We found partners and expect to make some deals with them this year. It was great experience for us.  
Ke Li, Attended in 2019 as exhibitor
2/3/20, 1:17 PM
Great opportunities for startups
Great Event with lots of opportunities to network, to learn from each other. Would be better with less administration work for an exhibitor. Appreciate very much that online resources as recap of the Summit. For those who didn't have time to attend is great!  
Robert Napoli, Principal - hapday.coAttended in 2020 as attendee, speaker
1/30/20, 12:18 AM
Web Summit Networking Tips
Web Summit 2020 was a great opportunity for our brand and business. With a conference this large it is important to have a plan and know what you want to accomplish otherwise it is easy to get caught up and overwhelmed. if you attend Web Summit (I believe everyone should at least once) put a plan in place for each day and allow yourself to rock it, also allow yourself some exploration and free time because that is the best way to make meaningful connections and be pleasantly surprised.  
Lea B, Startup founderAttended in 2019 as attendee
1/28/20, 9:45 PM
Good for first time, would go again if they add networking sessions per industry!
Attended as part of women in tech program. It's great to get to discover startups from around the world that I would otherwise not have known. Very pricey without the program tickets. However good business opportunities, some very interesting talks though don't use all your time on them, get to network! I didn't like the Night summit, more of a drinking afterwork among colleagues from big companies exhibiting than real networking opportunities, sadly.  
Josh Aston, CMO - www.blaast.comAttended in 2019 as attendee, exhibitor
1/28/20, 6:35 PM
My first Web Summit was sensational.
This was my first time to attend Web Summit and it was my first time in Europe. Such an amazing experience. The venue and city of Lisbon was phenomenal. I was most impressed with the fact 70k people attended and it was so well organized. I thought the sessions were top rate. I attended many of the startup sessions specifically. We were also a part of the Startup Alpha and it was very valuable. We were most interested in testing our marketing message for our startup. Very impressive!  
Bogdan Yosava, CBDO - www.ego-cms.comAttended in 2017 as attendee
1/28/20, 1:11 PM
Mid business opportunity
I got the impression that a lot of attendees came to spend a good time, not at work to do business. It seems like if you are not a Startup or a Global corporate company you may not bring back a lot of business contacts and opportunities and just memories about good time spent in Lisboa.  
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