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White Label World Expo 2022

 2.7/5 (14 reviews)
May 25, 2022 (2 days), Las Vegas, 🇺🇸United States
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White Label World Expo will take place the 25th & 26th of May 2022 at Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA) in Las Vegas (United States).

Attendees: 10,000
Exhibitors: 300
Industries:  #Retail #Wholesale #Consumer Goods
Venue:  Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA)

This unmissable event places thousands of online sellers, suppliers and buyers from across the globe all under one roof, ensuring that our attendees leave full of inspiration and ready to take the ind...  Show more

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Tamer Altaweel, Owner Attended in 2022 as attendee
11/3/22, 7:37 AM
Scam do not sign any contracts with them.
Sales rep Sunny Singh, liar and a thief. Do not sign any contracts with them. Show was disappointing, disorganized, and a huge scam to only take money from vendors. They automatically sign you up for future show and then hassle you for payment with creditors. We are in the process of filing a law suit against this company.  
Jonah Beeken, Reef drink company - eefdrinks.comAttended in 2022 as attendee, attendee
6/2/22, 11:22 AM
Complete con! This is a fraud for profit company.
I have never been lied to as badly as I was lied to by this company and their worthless employees. Alex is a real piece of trash, but he is just the norm for this company. We were told that only vetted buyers from top companies were allowed in this show. We did not speak to a single person who was a representative from a real corporation. Talked to an individual with a Aramark badge for 5 minutes then when I asked her what she did she said "I sell beers at the football games." Spoke to a number of vendors who had a similar experience. This company is fraud for profit and I will join in with anyone who is interested in going after them. Any government agency that wants to investigate please feel free to contact me I will provide emails and testimony. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THESE PEOPLE TELL YOU!! SPEND YOUR MONEY ON LEGITIMATE EVENTS NOT THIS CON!! YOU CROOKS CAN STAY IN ENGLAND WERE YOU BELONG!  
curtis headley , Avoid this scam!!
10/13/22, 7:16 PM

Alex and this company is nothing more than scam they need to be closed down whatever you do make sure you do not do business with these people they are about making money and even after 1 discussion they will be sending you invoices for thousands of pounds and trying to force you into business and will constantly call and harass you.AVOID!!

Augustin Caceres, Business Development Manager - in 2021 as attendee
2/4/22, 5:34 PM
Beautiful show which happens in NY Vegas Frankfurt and London
Very actual with good quality exhibitors and public.  
Jonah Beeken , Reef drink company
6/2/22, 11:29 AM

The only good reviews come from their employees! Bahahaha! What a con! These scumbags are pathetic!

John Johnson, Chief Executive OfficerAttended in 2021 as attendee
10/1/21, 9:10 PM
SCAM!!! Do not exhibit at any Prysm Group Trade Shows
Honest White Label Expo Exhibitor Review …. Terrible experience. They are great at selling you to exhibit there and for reasons like: bigger spenders buying stuff on the floor with big spending power, big box retailer buyers there and that their trade show is not just CBD. Reality check none of these are true and they tell you what you want to hear. They are EXTREMELY DISORGANIZED & DYSFUNCTIONAL to say the least. Promised us a matchmaking service and yet never followed through here. Spoke to a manager on the floor from the show and they had even said there’s no way they could have provided us this service as they need at least 9 months to curate that service and we signed up 2 months before so they scammed us with a service they had no intentions of fulfilling. The keynote speakers at the show are an absolute joke as none are qualified with any relevant and pertinent information, they are people basically doing live infomercials of their products or companies or trying to sell you a bill of goods. Also none of their presentations were relevant to white labeling it was all about their informercials which were not white labeling. If you want to be overcharged for booth space and hav...    Show more
ed lempter , buyer Attended in 2021 as attendee
9/14/21, 3:00 AM
What a waste of time.
What a waste of time. Mostly people with CBD booths that were completely clueless I came for while label like the first year in Las Vegas Nothing like the first year. Spent $1000.00 on a wasted trip. Even the KeyNote Speakers were Clueless. What a wasted trip.  
ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:31 AM

Prysm Group Inc this white label event in 2021 sucked

Michelle Wyckoff, Marketing Manager Attended in 2021 as attendee
9/4/21, 5:36 PM
I will NEVER come back
I was given classic sales pitch that there will be buyers ready to sign contracts. I was told buyers will be brought directly to me by name and companies. I was told that my business information will be given to these buyers. After attending the White Label Expo, Vegas all that was promised to me quickly went away. From I was too busy, we don't know who the buyers are, etc. After speaking to other small black owned businesses we all felt the same way. The Expo price gouge you. After spending $5,500 there were additional fees of $218 for electricity use. Along with other additional fees/costs. There were two food courts, one was outrageously priced (4 slices of pizza and 2 bottled water for $40) and the second food court was more reasonably priced. My personal experience was terrible, I will never return, those who I spoke with shared the same feelings about this Expo. I am a very honest person and I hate to be lied to. Very costly and bad experience. Personally, this trip cost me $10,000 and I only made $200, less than 1%. I am the Sole Proprietor, not Marketing Manager  
Roland PiusAhomkhai , Artist) illustrator
9/11/21, 11:24 PM

Sorry about your dad experience.... contemplatingy options.....sound scary...

ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:32 AM

Prysm Group Inc this white label event in 2021 sucked

Nancy Lemons, InvestigatorAttended in 2021, 2020 as attendee, attendee
5/20/21, 2:21 PM
Fake Reviews everywhere!
One thing that I know for a fact is that there are fake reviews everywhere. You will find the vast majority of reviews are bad ones about the terrible culture that Prysm Group supports. And then all of the good reviews are BY EMPLOYEES.  
ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:32 AM

Prysm Group Inc this white label event in 2021 sucked

Tracie Kennedy, OwnerAttended in 2021 as attendee
4/21/21, 11:31 PM
Very unprofessional company
We were slated to exhibit at this expo, but then our rep started harassing us at all hours for money, being incredibly unprofessional, texting incessantly about other projects he wanted us to fund/invest in, etc We rescinded our interest in the show and asked for a refund due to the unprofessionalism of the rep, and the company refuses to refund our deposit. The Head of Customer Affairs, James, actually mocked me, told me it “was a personal problem” their employee harassed us, and was incredibly rude throughout. It seems to be rampant unprofessional behavior from the top down. No responsibility whatsoever. We had left the door open for possibly exhibiting in the future, but after the conversation today, we will never be working with this company.  
Dillon Osborn , Owner
7/15/21, 2:28 AM

Did you end up paying them the fee? They’re chasing me for the same fee after canceling too

ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:32 AM

Prysm Group Inc this white label event in 2021 sucked

Jenice Bull , OwnerAttended in 2020 as attendee, attendee
3/19/21, 5:11 PM
So many opportunities under one roof
You may have done your homework on the best ways to attract attention online, but what about in person? Meeting with potential customers face-to-face means you can talk freely about your brand and answer questions on the spot. You have the chance to showcase your passion for your business, and that genuine attitude can create amazing first impressions. I was able to speak about my little farm and what I was doing on day one. I had a line at my booth from that point in. It was awesome.  
ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:24 AM

BS these peole at Prysum are a scam Beware ever going to this event. first year was great and 2921 sucked so bad.

ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:32 AM

BS these peole at Prysum are a scam Beware ever going to this event. first year was great and 2921 sucked so bad. Prysm Group Inc this white label event in 2021 sucked

James Pearson, Head of MarketingAttended in 2021, 2020 as attendee
3/16/21, 9:34 PM
Skeptical but took the chance
Got a call one day from one of the event managers and ended up signing a booking form that day. Ben and Seth added me onto their match making program and within my 2nd month of marketing i landed a 3 deals just under 3k with 3 different distributors on the west coast cbd market for d8. Highly recommend if you're looking to grow in whole sale or no label bulk sales take the chance and it will pay dividends.  
ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:25 AM

your on crack this event was a joke

ed lempter , buyer
9/14/21, 3:33 AM

your on crack this event was a joke Prysm Group Inc this white label event in 2021 sucked

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