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CES Consumer Electronics Show 2021

 3,8/5 (5 avis)
6 janv. 2021 (4 jours), Las Vegas, 🇺🇸États-Unis
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CES Consumer Electronics Show aura lieu du 6 au 9 janvier 2021 à Las Vegas (États-Unis).

Visiteurs : 182 000
Exposants : 4 400
Secteurs :  #Data center #Numérique #Produits électroniques grand public #Startup & Entrepreneuriat #Tech #Informatique #High tech #Imprimerie, reproduction
Lieu :  Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA)

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CES est le lieu de rassemblement mondial pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent dans le secteur des technologies grand public. Depuis plus de 50 ans, le Consumer Electronics Show (CES) est le point de dépa...  Voir plus

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Stephane Pipon, CES at MDI Conseils et TechnologiesA participé en 2019, 2018 en tant que visiteur
21/01/2019 00:34
Doing business in French at the CES !
CES has been a great opportunity to connect with the world, but also to do business in French with people from Canada, Québec, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Senegal.  
Ryan Jackson, M.S., VP of Product DesignA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
14/01/2019 22:28
My review of CES 2019
The CES conference was a great resource for seeing some of the emerging technologies a variety of companies are currently working on. However I really would like some of these companies stress the importance of not only their consumer tech but the security needed to protect consumers as more of these technologies enter the homes of consumers I think as technology and internet of things keeps advancing it will be important for companies to showcase how their devices are secure. I'd like to see more medical tech as well that can be used to help folks not just wearable's such as watches etc.  
Alexandra Gauthier Point, Fondatrice chez LexHub - Voyage. Innovation. Learning Expeditions.A participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
09/07/2018 23:08
A must-see !
CES is the biggest tech show and while the prime years are behind us, it is now becoming a startup show with Eureka park and it's quite interesting to check out the trends and meet with founders. If you are French, lots of CEOs of big companies very accessible. Not expensive to get in but the hotels and airfare are out of control during that week. Very wide show, prepare to walk A LOT !  
Jim Savage, Sales Director - North America at AB TastyA participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
02/05/2018 18:42
Bright and shiny CES
CES is always a good time, always well put-together, always where electronics brands on the consumer side are breaking news and show-casing their latest. Not a great place for marketing practitioners or their vendor 'friends' to spend travel & event money IMO, though.  
Nina Reschovsky, UK Marketing & Global Strategy Manager at AB Tasty - abtasty.comA participé en 2018 en tant que exposant
21/03/2018 15:01
Good & large trade show in Vegas
Overall good event. A LOT of exhibitors, but also a constant flow of visitors. Very expensive event but was worth it for us.  
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