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Web Summit 2020

 4,2/5 (21 avis)
2 nov. 2020 (4 jours), Lisbonne, 🇵🇹Portugal
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Web Summit sera l'événement à ne pas manquer du 2 au 5 novembre 2020 à Lisbonne (Portugal).

Visiteurs : 70 000
Exposants : 1 000
Secteurs :  #Marketing et publicité #Numérique #Startup & Entrepreneuriat #Tech #Informatique
Lieu :  Altice Arena

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Web Summit Lisbon est la plus grande conférence tech au monde. Elle se déroule du 4 au 7 Novembre. Décrite comme le "Davos pour les Geeks", "la meilleure conférence tech de la planète" ou encore "Glas...  Voir plus

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Lorenzo Gama, Co-founder - siliconbali.comA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur, exposant
27/01/2020 20:54
Simply amazing and enhancing in every way!
As an attendee, exhibitor and/or speaker, WebSummit is a must for anyone whom is interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology! As an attendee, you won't be able to see everything, because its just so much stuff, but you'll make the best out of it for sure! As an exhibitor, it is exhausting, truth be told, but also so mesmerizing that once your there, it's like you are in auto pilot and just letting everything sink in, it's amazing!  
Lina Lina, A participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
28/11/2018 21:23
Would like to see more Industrial IoT players
Too many topics on B2C, sessions' content - very light. There are a lot of activities, but I don't know how much value do these bring as the presentations are very generic, superfluid etc. Would love to see more IIoT players and more in-depth discussions. Maybe there is value for startups, but for big players it is questionable. Might be a good place to see these Alpha startups and have discussions. I went to a few booths and in some cases,​ they even did not know why are they at that event etc.  
Andrew Chang, Head of Analytics Consulting at Mezzo Labs - mezzolabs.comA participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur, exposant
19/11/2018 17:22
Wow, what a brilliant summit. The city, arena & pavilions, and the amount of people was remarkable.
Great to be able to launch and exhibit our new tool, uplifter. It had an overwhelmingly positive response and we got a lot out of the other days, listening to the varied amount of keynotes and discussions. Highly recommend it to any digital startups or those with a view to expanding their digital horizons.  
Mark Williams, LinkedIn Trainer aka 'Mr LinkedIn' | Social Selling | Speaker | Coach ...A participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
15/11/2018 15:14
Great networking - Poor learning
I was excited to see a stellar line up of speakers so my expectations were that I would be inspired and educated......not once did this happen! Every presentation I attended I opened my notebook, wrote the name of the speaker at the top and then found that after 30 mins, I was closing the page having written nothing else! I've never been before so maybe my expectations were wrong but I hear that Websummit was more of a learning/inspirational experience previously. Maybe with 70,000 delegates you are attracting the wrong type of speakers - keen to promote their new app / product / initiative and maybe with such a large audience they are holding back for fear of being widely quoted. I'm not sure of the reasons but I attended a lot of presentations and they were all poor. The networking was amazing and I met some great people, if I came again I would focus more on that side of the event. The location was great but 70,000 people made it very crowded....all day every day! It was like leaving a football match or concert but not just at the end.....literally all day long! I will now focus on smaller, niche events with inspirational speakers who are innovatve thinkers. I didn't see a...    Voir plus
Iva Vlasimsky, IT Marketing Copy Writer – Helping technology companies with B2B solut...A participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
13/11/2018 11:28
Inspiring event, swirling with ideas
Fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of interesting, hard-working, and goal-driven people that cumulatively redefine the business world as we know it. If anything, it will at least give you an idea of what is going on in the world of startups, emerging technologies, and what currently "rolls the dice". It can also be a fantastic place to find new business opportunities or new partnerships - but that mainly depends on how you play, how you present yourself, and - especially - how successfully you manage to maintain the interest of your prospects in the follow ups. What I'd like to highlight the most is the Night Summit - amazing fun!!!! Maybe I've been lucky and stumbled upon a great crew, IDK, but I didn't have that much fun in years as I did on the streets, bars, and clubs of Lisbon! Plus, people don't just drink there; some of the best networking is made there! Would I go again - heck yeah, I cannot wait for next year!  
Adriana Dias, Software Tester at FidelidadeA participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
12/11/2018 22:41
I just wish I was God!
My biggest struggle was not to be God! Because this condition made me have to choose between some equally great content, which gave some frustration. Besides that... it was a great experience and I tried to make the most of it in every way possible. The place was great! The presentations had great sound quality and we heard the speakers loud and clear! The content was 90% accurate as described in the summary! The app helped a lot with the scheduling! Time flew! So many great things and so little time! Just a tiny tip... next year have some more wc for the girls would you...!? Thanx!  
Márcio Teschima, CEO at VistoA participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
12/11/2018 22:34
Melhor do que uma exposição, o evento deu um show em organização
O Web Summit superou minha expectativa, fomos muito além de um evento, fizemos networking, aproveitamos o aplicativo para fazer contatos e através dele marcar reuniões, foi um tempo muito bem aproveitado. Dedicado a se fazer negócios.  
Saul Sutton, Co-Founder & COO at Ease, IncA participé en 2018 en tant que exposant
12/11/2018 22:25
Alpha exhibitor 2018
I had the opportunity to exhibit as one of the Alpha startups this year. We had a great time and made some great connections.  
Antonio Zubieta, OKR Speaker | Performance Management | OKR Coach | Disruptive Manageme...A participé en 2018 en tant que exposant
12/11/2018 16:32
Great opportunity to share and networking
The event was very important to making some decisions in our company, as to opens an Office in Europe  
Alexandra Gauthier Point, Fondatrice chez LexHub - Voyage. Innovation. Learning Expeditions.A participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
09/07/2018 23:26
Web Summit and Night Summit !
Lots of talks and different tracks, I tend to pick a track that I like and stay there. The main stage has the big names and gets quite crowded so you need to plan ahead. I like that the startup booths change every day, it makes it interesting every day and you have more change to meet startuppers that are not tied to their booth and that can take time to talk and network. The night summit is a great opportunity to network, they have the pub crawls where you mingle with startups from all over the world. The web summit app is awesome (you can chat with everyone) and they have great wifi thru all the events (which is quite hard in big events like this!) Getting food at lunch is a pain everyone, hopefully, they improve in 2018 :) Lisbon is such a nice city to host an event like this!  


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