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Smart Social Summit 2021

 3,3/5 (3 avis)
22 sept. 2021 (2 jours), Austin, 🇺🇸États-Unis
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Événement phare de l'année 2021, Smart Social Summit se tient les 22 & 23 septembre 2021 à Austin (États-Unis).

Visiteurs : 700
Exposants : 0
Secteurs :  #Marketing et publicité #Numérique #Marketing des réseaux sociaux #Tech
Lieu :  3TEN ACL Live

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Smart Social Summit connecte les esprits les plus intelligents en matière de social alors que nous explorons, avec vous, des sujets tels que montrer comment valoriser le social et créer un climat de c...  Voir plus

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Dennis Mondejar, Digital + Creative + Marketing | Vitamin TA participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
13/11/2018 17:56
Overall Underwhelmed
Unfortunately, this event didn't really enhance on professional development. The "workshops" and keynotes offered very little in terms of tactical takeaways. Many of the presentations relied heavily on statistics versus best practices and real world scenarios and examples. It would be great to get more "how-to" versus "look at this cool thing we did" - more methodology focused. A large part of the event focused on the spredfast product - especially in the beginning. The start of the event on Tuesday was a complete waste of time for someone who doesn't use Spredfast. That being said, Common and Manoush were great speakers.  
Curtis Midkiff, Jr., Award-Winning Social Media Leader, Influencer Engagement Strategist a...A participé en 2018, 2017 en tant que visiteur
13/11/2018 17:46
Speaker Review Social Summit
As a speaker, this is one of my favorite conferences. The team at Spredfast does an amazing job making sure that panelists are given all items needed to have a successful session. I really enjoyed getting a chance to talk to my fellow panelists on a call before the event so we can make our presentations cohesive!  
Liz Breyer, Content DevelopmentA participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
13/11/2018 17:38
Great event. I'm glad I attended.
I think the event was well organized and included a slew of awesome speakers. I got my ticket at the early-bird price, so I think it was worth it. But I think there should be more keynotes spread out over two full days.  
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