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3 déc. 2022 (2 jours), Houston, 🇺🇸États-Unis
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Événement phare de l'année 2022, HOUSTON ULTIMATE WOMEN'S EXPO se déroule les 3 & 4 décembre 2022 à Houston (États-Unis).

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Secteurs :  #Cosmétiques #Mode #Santé, forme et bien-être #Food, Restauration #Biens de consommation
Lieu :  George R. Brown Convention Center


Le Houston Ultimate Women's Expo parcourt le monde pour proposer de nouveaux produits, services et idées novateurs.

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Ali Palacios, Owner - crunchesnacks.comA participé en 2022 en tant que visiteur, visiteur
09/12/2022 06:54
Beware of this Expo, not as promised
Beware of The Ultimate Women’s Expo in Houston. My recent experience at the Women's Expo left me feeling taken advantage of. Despite being promised a high-end female demographic eager to invest in services, products, and experiences for themselves or their loved ones - I was met with underwhelming attendance figures considering our city’s position as 4th largest in the US; this ultimately translated into minuscule sales numbers throughout my entire two day there. I may have seen 200 people walk by, not thousands as promised. This event was very much misrepresented and was NOT marketed. It wasn’t even listed as an event on the George R Brown’s calendar! We were all told that this event was not only a shopping event but a day of amazing speakers and activities. I walked by the presenter’s stage on day one and there was a monk speaking to 4 people that were sitting in the audience. Some of which were not even paying attention. I think they were resting. Don’t be fooled by this event! Hundreds of vendors lost thousands of dollars and the company is refusing to issue refunds. Check out the empty isles at midday. #uwexpo #ultimatewomensexpo #womensexpo  
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