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Gamescom 2022

 3,8/5 (7 avis)
24 août 2022 (5 jours), Cologne, 🇩🇪Allemagne
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Gamescom a lieu du 24 au 28 août 2022 à Cologne (Allemagne).

Visiteurs : 370 000
Exposants : 1 037
Secteurs :  #Divertissements #Produits électroniques grand public #Jeux en ligne, Paris Sportif et affiliation #Jeux électroniques
Lieu :  Koelnmesse

Gamescom's video thumbnail
Gamescom's video thumbnail

La gamescom 2018 était à nouveau sur la voie de la croissance! Des exposants de plus de 56 pays y ont participé et un vaste programme d’événements et de congrès attend tout le monde du monde entier. 1...  Voir plus

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Chris Hayes, Marketing - www.gamestar.deA participé en 2022 en tant que visiteur
12/05/2022 13:12
auf der Website GameStar
Jedes Jahr lege ich auf neue Veranstaltungen und Events im Gaming-Bereich https://www.gamestar.de/ auf der Website GameStar Sie lassen mich wissen, was es Neues gibt, und ich habe auch Informationen über dieses Treffen gefunden. Wir planen, gemeinsam mit meinen Kollegen daran teilzunehmen. Wir spielen oft nach der Arbeit mit ihnen. Wir dürfen solche Treffen also nicht verpassen. Ich glaube, es wird etwas ganz Besonderes!  
Peter Gerson CCXP, A participé en 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 en tant que visiteur, visiteur
05/09/2019 13:17
Gamescom lives in the past
The organizers of Gamescom should update their application process and their procedures. It is bureaucratic, non transparent and very unfriendly. Have said this for the last 4 years but it falls on deaf ears. Hate organizing Gamescom fir this reason.  
Natalie Bergman, Media Services and ProductionA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
04/09/2019 23:43
Amazing First Impression, Memories Forever
This was my first experience working as an Exhibitor at Gamescom for 2K supporting Borderlands 3. Our space was spacious and the event staff was wonderful making sure attendees aboded by line regulations and the convention ran smoothly. I was highly impressed by all the different venders involved, the food options, the consumer/entertainment centers, and the business center. Each part of the convention was well constructed and run professionally. The amount of people who attended was mind-blowing, filling up every square inch of every room, making it fairly difficult to navigate freely through the halls, but that just goes to show how widely popular this convention is. People travel from all over the world, for good reason. Thank you Gamescom.  
Matthew Kiernander, Content Creator - FreelancerA participé en 2019, 2018 en tant que visiteur
04/09/2019 11:50
Great event with a few minor caveats for internationals!
Being the largest gaming event in the world, it doesn't disappoint. It's very well run, lots to see and do and the people who attend are fantastic. If you're not a native german speaker, it does offer a few small minor issues. Many of the AAA demo's are in german, not in english, with some of the games also being in german as well. Just a consideration for those travelling from say the UK (which has EGX) or the US (with PAX) which do offer strong gaming events as well. Overall, loved my time at Gamescom, wish to be back next year.  
Alper Arin, Marketing DirectorA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
04/09/2019 01:04
Gamescom is a great exhibition to understand gaming market and understand the community needs
Gamescom is a great opportunity to come together with every business line of gaming market. Also a great opportunity to understand where and how gaming market is going. Form business point of view, I always find useful networking opportunities that turn into real business development. The only thing, I was not comfortable with was the security of the exhibition area. Unfortunately theft is very common unless you hire seperate security for your booth even in B2B area. Thief is a thief and it is sad to see that exhibition staff is mostly seen as responsible for such theft. There is no CCTV in the B2B area. Also do not expect Gamescom management to take responsibility for such theft act or even expect any actions from local police. They do behave like that is very normal if you do not hire anyone specifically for the booth. Overall, I like Gamescom but I do not like the way that Köln Messe manages such organisation. I hope they leverage themselves to a globally accepted exhibiton standards.  
Simon Gosling, CMO - bidstack.comA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
03/09/2019 14:51
Gamescom delivered above & beyond on my expectations and KPIs. It will be part of my annual plan.
I was asked by Creative Pool, a publication with 400,000 readers, to write a piece called '5 Things I Learned at Gamescom', and here it is: https://creativepool.com/magazine/inspiration/recruitment/5-things-we-learned-at-gamescom-2019.22165  
Harvey Newman, Developer - ea.comA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur, visiteur
03/09/2019 14:21
Better each year. But still lacking slightly organisation wise
Has a great time, and will attend again if given the opportunity. Unfortunately this time as my first time a few years back I still found that the management of the flow of people going from hall to hall to be lacking. Which in turn creates a lot of frustration for the visitors. If you guys are interested in doing an animation talk at some point. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Harvey Newman  
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