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Digital Summit Phoenix 2020

 4,6/5 (6 avis)
1 févr. 2020 (1 jour), Phoenix, 🇺🇸États-Unis
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Événement attendu de 2020, Digital Summit Phoenix est l'événement immanquable le 1 février 2020 à Phoenix (États-Unis).

Visiteurs : 300
Exposants : 0
Secteurs :  #Numérique #Retail et e-commerce #Marketing et publicité
Lieu :  Phoenix Convention Center

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CONTENU INCROYABLE. Plus de 45 sessions et ateliers approfondis travailleront avec vous à l'avenir. Vous aurez peut-être besoin d'un deuxième cerveau pour tout compacter. INTERVENANTS BRILLANTS. Nous...  Voir plus

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Edward Prokop, A participé en 2019, 2018 en tant que visiteur
04/03/2019 16:47
Digital Summit Phoenix
Actually reviewed this event for our company blog. Find here... https://envisionitagency.com/blog/2019/02/digital-summit-phoenix-review/  
Arnie Kuenn, CEO at Vertical MeasuresA participé en 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 en tant que visiteur
23/02/2019 19:20
Best value of all conference in digital marketing.
DS Phoenix is the best annual event for marketers in the Phoenix area. Brands really need to attend.  
Adams Edge Marketing, CEO & Director of MarketingA participé en 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 en tant que visiteur
23/02/2019 04:08
Great information | Great Value
I love Digital Summit Phoenix. Every year is the same great value in great speakers and presentations and I come away with ideas and inspiration.  
Phil Corse, CEO of Marketing connectionsA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
23/02/2019 00:50
Marketing Assessment of Digital Summit
As a marketer and new product developer, I thought the sessions were outstanding. I especially loved being reminded of how important email marketing and revisiting best practices, examples and case histories. Well done!  
Ashton Boothroyd, AE at CybbaA participé en 2019, 2018 en tant que exposant
22/02/2019 18:09
Thought Leaders and Solutions
I've gone to several Digital Summits now as an exhibitor, second time at DS PHX. I felt like this years' installment in Phoenix improved from last year in terms of relevant information and speaking engagements. If your team is looking for solutions and how to improve your content, media, and/or site performance -it's a great way for your leaders to hear where their are gaps in your strategy. The speakers are typically the innovators and thought leaders in the industry, you can take what you learn in the sessions and meet like-minded individuals to improve your marketing plan.  
Nick Christensen, Social Media Manager at Commit AgencyA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
22/02/2019 17:46
First time attending and it won't be the last!
Great opportunity to hear from expert minds in the field and gain extra insight that I can apply to my clients' strategies. Really enjoyed the vendors, the location, the topics, all of it!  
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