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B2B Marketing Expo 2022

 3,8/5 (11 avis)
22 nov. 2022 (2 jours), Londres, 🇬🇧Royaume-Uni
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Événement phare de l'année 2022, B2B Marketing Expo se déroule les 22 & 23 novembre 2022 à Londres (Royaume-Uni).

Visiteurs : 7 500
Exposants : 700
Secteurs :  #Marketing et publicité #Marketing des réseaux sociaux #Numérique
Lieu :  ExCeL London

B2B Marketing Expo est une conférence interactive spécialisée dans le secteur du marketing. Attendez-vous à trouver des exposants de grande qualité en marge d’une conférence présentant certaines des p...  Voir plus

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Joshua Maddux, A participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
20/08/2019 21:27
They don't listen and won't stop calling me...
B2B Marketing Expo has called my company 9 times in the past 30 days. They reached out acting like they wanted to hire us and use our services. They spent 20min of a 37min phone call talking about how they liked our work and then went into their pitch. Thet won't take no for an answer and they keep calling... I would NEVER do business with a company that acts like this.  
Anaïs Eusebio, Marketing & PR at SychemA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
23/04/2019 18:15
B2B was a great free show with some hitches
B2B Marketing was a great opportunity to have an overview of the industry trends, learn about new technologies and developments. The talks were mostly really good. Some things could have been better: 1) Going to the long process of booking slots for your workshops but then having no verification at all on site. My colleague booked a LinkedIn talk and could not even get in the room since so many people were standing in the back trying to hear anything of it. Why bothering to book it if you're not guaranteed a space? 2) Getting the slides. Multiple workshops had offered to send the slides if we scanned our badges or if we registered for the specific workshop. Sadly to this day, I have not received even one workshop deck. 3) Sound - At some point, I attended a very interesting talk called 20 tips for 20 years in marketing. Sadly the stand right next to keynote 2 had some very loud sound on, they had a mic and their sales person was very loudly talking about their products which made it very difficult to hear anything on this speaker slot. If the B2B returns in 2020 I will definitely go for one day but not bother to prebook anything.  
[Hiring] Carolien Plevier, Partner @ GROUP7A participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
19/04/2019 16:18
Very interesting masterclasses en key notes
The B2B marketing Expo is a valuable place to be inspired by other entrepreneurs and get insights in the new trends and technologies in B2B marketing  
Molly Newman, A participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
10/04/2019 07:15
Africa focus at the B2B marketing expo
I attended the event as i was looking for solutions in the African market. They were very limited. I was a bit disappointed in how many stands were not there (no fault of the organizers!)  
Hesed Enterprises , CEO Hesedfoods
05/10/2019 16:27

Hi what exactly were you looking out for? What was your expectation from the African market....so we’ll work towards it for next year’s show.

Tereza Brozova, Marketing AssistantA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
07/04/2019 12:40
Great two days filled with knowledge!
B2B Marketing Expo was a great opportunity to network with experts in the fields, listen to interesting ideas and opinions as well as get a better understanding of current trends and products in the industry.  
Hannah Giddins, Graphic DesignerA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
05/04/2019 12:37
First timer at the show!
This was my first time at the show and I thought it was great. I had some good quality conversations with people which could potentially be business for us in the future but I found it hard to figure out what each exhibitor was selling, which for a marketing show was a bit disappointing, but I think could be that I’m not down with the marketing lingo so anything that had advertising the company on the stand maybe went over my head? All in all, great show!  
Samuel L E Kurn, Marketing & PR at Sychem LtdA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
04/04/2019 15:15
B2B Expo 2019 - TS Group
B2B Marketing Expo was a great opportunity for the Marketing Team we have here at the TS Group to attend. Learnt plenty from the masterclasses and was great to talk to many industry professionals.  
Nathália Guimarães, Project ManagerA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
04/04/2019 12:48
Amazing seminars, masterclasses and panel debates
B2B Marketing Expo was a great opportunity to learn from interesting professionals and gather knowledge from different points of view about many subjects. The interesting thing is also to see, from different speakers and seminars, how our collective mindset is connected and merging towards working with offline+online, creating experiences and putting the consumers in the center of our strategies, B2B or B2C. The event structure was impressive and very organized, I'm glad I was there. I will definitely come back.  
Elio Beretta, Student at Lancaster universityA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
04/04/2019 12:17
A great place to connect and learn
I attended the B2B marketing expo as a student and I had the opportunity to make a lot of connections and to gain an instructive insight into this market  
Jas Hothi, Chief E-bookmakerA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
04/04/2019 12:15
The B2B Marketing Expo 2019: My Personal Highlights
I went to my first conference as a freelance marketer this week (as I’m writing this), or last week (as you’re reading this). It was a stroke of good fortune that I went at all, really. Luckily, my morning Twitter scrolling came good; I spotted the #B2BMarketing19 in the list of hashtags trending/recommended for me, and discovered that it was for a big 2-day Expo in London @ the ExCeL. For B2B Marketing. With free tickets for visitors. The universe had clearly wanted it ✨ What was going to be a reasonably uneventful Wednesday turned into an unexpected one. Armed with a strategy as to how I was best going to manage my energy (#introvert), I went along - for conversations, insights and, well, excitement. 👀 to continue reading 👉🏽 https://www.honestcontent.net/blog/the-b2b-marketing-expo-2019-my-personal-highlights  
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