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World AG Expo 2023

 4.7/5 (11 reviews)
Feb 14, 2023 (3 days), Tulare, ūüáļūüáłUnited States
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The 2023 edition of World AG Expo will be on the 14th, 15th and 16th of February 2023 at International Agri-Center in Tulare (United States).

Attendees: 106,000
Exhibitors: 1,500
Industries:  #Food Production #Dairy #Farming
Venue:  International Agri-Center

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World Ag Expo is the world's largest annual agricultural exposition. More than 1,500 exhibitors display the latest in farm equipment, communications and technology on 2.6 million square feet of exhibi...  Show more

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Brian Webster, I am a Expo and Conferece Producer - in 2019, 2018 as attendee, attendee
8/13/20, 4:27 AM at the Hemp Pavilion
I was a speaker and exhibitor ( at the Hemp Pavilion. Hemp was huge at the Ag Expo this year.  
Lindsay Sugarman, Digital Marketing Specialist - www.mccrometer.comAttended in 2020 as attendee
6/10/20, 6:50 PM
First Year, Decent Showing
My company has been exhibiting for years, and from what my colleagues say, this year was a pretty good showing of folks. We got some good leads from the attendees.  
Lissette Lopez Vargas, Attended in 2020, 2019 as attendee
6/9/20, 12:39 AM
Good professional networking
Good opportunity for networking with people from different branches of the Agricultural industry.  
Salvatore Grignano, Attended in 2020, 2019, 2018 as attendee, attendee
6/3/20, 7:11 PM
WAE is great opportunity for international business
World AG Expo is a great opportunity for all the international business that want to do business in US and especially for California and west coast in general.  
Greg McDonald, Video Producer - gate5films.comAttended in 2020 as attendee
5/23/20, 1:36 AM
Great event, well organized
Well worth it for me for work and meeting people.  
Mark L. Jones, President/CEO - www.tcjanitorial.comAttended in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 as attendee
5/20/20, 11:33 PM
I enjoy talking to customers in a relaxed setting. Born in Nigeria I enjoy making new friends.
The World Ag Expo is a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones from all over the world. It is an opportunity to talk to customers in a relaxed setting. If you live in this valley your job depends on agriculture. Tri-County Janitorial serves the transportation industry hauling produce across our nation and beyond. We also clean for cattle feed production, for engineers building agricultural complexes, food production, and transportation of vital human resources in and out of the valley to support agriculture. All these people and companies gather in one place once a year in mid February. What is not to like about that? Every year farmers, executives and Government leaders come from the country Nigeria, where I spent the first 19 year of my life so I really enjoy spending time in the international tent.  
Tyler Helton, International Trade & DevelopmentAttended in 2020 as attendee
5/20/20, 2:39 AM
New found resources to help my business take off
As an entrepreneur setting their sights on starting an agro-based business, The World Ag Expo was an eye-opener. I was able to network with different vendors. Connect with key people to help my business get off the ground.  
Donny Hicks, Attended in 2020 as attendee
5/14/20, 3:02 PM
World Ag Expo, a great time for everyone!
This event is a not only for those in the Ag industry but also for those who benefit from Ag, which is everyone!  
Davide De Silvio, Director of Sales - ePowertrainAttended in 2020, 2018 as attendee, attendee
5/14/20, 1:07 PM
West Coast agricultural immersion
World AG Expo has been, one more time, an outstanding opportunity to meet the real West Coast farming community, and try to catch experiences, needs and vision. All these connections, have to be funneled to create Value, both in Services and Products.  
Jim Evangelopoulos, COO @ AugmentaAttended in 2019 as attendee, attendee
2/28/19, 12:23 PM
Big event, lots of opportunities
It was a great opportunity for us to be there. My only comment would be to categorize companies in a better way. So you have technology altogether, machinery altogether etc.  
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