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Slush 2023

 4.4/5 (21 reviews)
Nov 30, 2023 (2 days), Helsinki, Finland
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Slush is on the 30th & 1st of December 2023 at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki (Finland).

Attendees: 20,000
Exhibitors: 0
Industries:  #Information Technology #Tech #Digital #Startup & Entrepreneur
Venue:  Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

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Slush is held in the depths of winter in Helsinki, Finland. Being held at this time of year has given Slush a unique energy and enthusiasm. The purpose of Slush is to aid founder and investor meetin...  Show more

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Trued Holmquist, Co-Founder/CEOAttended in 2018 as attendee
12/13/18, 10:15 AM
Good quality on the meetings
The event overall was, ok. Not spot on if you are a disruptive high tech company like us. The atmosphere is more targeting very young first-time entrepreneurs focusing on apps and buzzwords. The meetings however was very well organized and the quality of the meetings we had was really good. All in all, it was worth it.  
Anton Chernenko, Sales and business development at callstats.ioAttended in 2018, 2017, 2016 as attendee
12/13/18, 7:10 AM
go for it for branding, not for finding new customers
Executive summary: All in all, if you come prepared and know that you want to hack the event, get your leads, customers, fresh hires, or whatever you have in mind for Slush, go for it. Else, attend a specialised event for your field and spend your budget on other things. Here is a full article about my experience  
Pol Fañanás Soriano, Strategy and Corporate Finance Manager at Validated IDAttended in 2018 as attendee
12/12/18, 5:37 PM
Concise value creation without bullshit excess
Slush has the right size, organization and vision to be the platform all tech events should be. Enough value to attract high quality players (Investors, Partners, Companies) but no so "tourist overcrowded" that you lose the key of the game, which should be not selling tickets but making meaningful connections and having an opportunity to prove the value that you add to the table. Good Matchmaking platform and good compromise on the focus of boosting useful 1to1 meetings.  
Carolin Hoffmann, Head of Communications at VentureVilla Accelerator GmbHAttended in 2018 as attendee
12/12/18, 5:32 PM
SLUSH is really worth a trip!
By entering SLUSH you were already welcomed with „Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet. Kept the placeholder. What matters is inside“ and besides the good marketing, SLUSH really kept the word, for me personally. Only criticism I have was the bad matchmaking app in terms of usability and clarity but I’m sure that they’ll fix this problem until next year. Now I’m coming back with lots of new inspirations and good contacts – already looking forward to see everyone again next year and continue networking.  
Liene Kataševska, Senior project manager at Latvian Investment and development agency Ve...Attended in 2018 as attendee
12/11/18, 3:57 PM
Great event for people working with tech startups
It was my first Slush experience. And it was great! Organisation, programm, speakers, meetings... I definately plan to participate again and will recommend to attend this event others colleagues and startups as well.  
Marianna Vento, Marketing & Communications, WärtsiläAttended in 2018, 2017 as attendee
12/11/18, 2:25 PM
It's more enjoyable after each year
In the second year you really just start to enjoy the thing; meeting new people and having fun talks with people from various backgrounds. Then, you don't anymore stress that much if you miss the speakers while working on the stand but you understand that the exciting people are actually coming to you and you just enjoy the atmosphere of good vibes.  
jerome thevenot, Project Manager at MAKNEE - Postdoctoral fellowAttended in 2018, 2017 as attendee, attendee
12/11/18, 10:17 AM
A magic time for opportunities
Slush has been a real step forward for our young startup. Not only we have been able to meet multiple potential investors and partners in a short period, but we also obtained some insights and some new ideas on how to expand our business from people with strong experience. This year we had a booth and that was a really great opportunity to show our product and get people interested right away. We obtained a lot of exposure which was one reason for us to come to Slush, and we were really happy about the outcome!  
Tasha T., Marketing & eventsAttended in 2018, 2017, 2016 as attendee
12/11/18, 8:47 AM
Gets bigger but unfortunately messier, though fun as always
Each year Slush has more people and more attention and this is really great, good opportunity to meet many people in the same place. Branding and marketing is also good, though I liked last year's slogan more )). On a downside - it gets messier in terms of organization, maybe because it's harder to handle this big crowd. Like for example receiving badges wasn't a very smooth process this year, some of my friends were rather angry about it. All communication with a team is also broken, it's almost impossible to get an answer from them if you want to discuss something (all year round, long before the event). But all in all it is great fun and a ray of sun in the middle of November darkness ))), thank you guys!  
Pasi Rantanen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Tricton Oy, Partner at Codalia OyAttended in 2018, 2017, 2016 as attendee
12/10/18, 4:53 PM
Worth just for the visit
Slush is a small event thats gone crazy BIG. I have visited tradefairs in many countries, but this is something completely different. I have met people with annual invests of 3 billion $, had beers with global decision makers and shared ideas with tens of interesting start ups, innovators and students. Its like a rock festival of business, but there are allways things that can be improved. I am goin again at 2019...  
Zherebylo Dmytro, Attended in 2018 as attendee
12/10/18, 4:43 PM
Gets better each year!
Slush is a good opportunity to broad your network and to meet a lot of great people.  

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