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Heroes Convention 2022

 4.1/5 (3 reviews)
Jun 24, 2022 (3 days), Charlotte, 🇺🇸United States
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Heroes Convention will be taking place the 24th, 25th and 26th of June 2022 at Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte (United States).

Attendees: 5,000
Exhibitors: 0
Industries:  #Entertainment #Comicbooks & Cosplay #Consumer Goods #Consumer Services
Venue:  Charlotte Convention Center

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Heroes Convention is one of the country's best evident Comic-Book Conventions. Commending it's 37th Anniversary and facilitating more than 600 specialists and makers from the whole way across the comi...  Show more

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Ken Knudtsen, ArtistAttended in 2019, 2018, 2017 as attendee, attendee
7/29/19, 3:00 PM
Heroes Con 2019-exhibitor
The con is well run and clean. A continuing and improved focus for local creators would improve the experience.  
Chelsea Galusky, Fan of Charlotte - crva.comAttended in 2019, 2018, 2017 as attendee
7/25/19, 8:12 PM
Favorite time of the year!
It's always a treat to come to the Heroes Convention. My office is in Uptown, so I always make a point to walk through the Charlotte Convention Center when it's here. Love seeing fans of all ages in costume!  
Jeff Palumbo, Owner/President - spinwhizcomics.comAttended in 2019 as attendee
7/15/19, 6:09 PM
One of the best cons I've been to - just not for business.
I'm going to break this review into two parts - pleasure and business development. First off, I feel HeroesCon is a MUST for anyone who enjoys comics and wants to have access to a ton of artists and signed content. I would say 99% of them were extremely pleasant to chat with and more than happy to sign anything you had. I stayed away from the bigger names only because of the lines but even "the lines" weren't all that long. I found the isles were spread out where there was plenty of room to use and even the staff was very helpful. The auction I thought was a bit rough, as a bunch of people came in who were drinking and the doors were open, making it really hard to hear and concentrate on the art being auctioned off. Next year, I'd have people at the door asking everyone to be quiet. If they want to talk, there are literally 2 lobbies they can hang out in a stone throw's away. Other than that, I honestly can't wait to go back again next year. As far as business development is concerned, it wasn't all that great but NOT AT ALL HC's fault. I"m going to write that again, just to make sure everyone knows - IT'S NOT HC's fault. I'm looking to bring more talent to my platform but the ta...    Show more
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