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Global Petroleum Show 2023

 3.6/5 (9 reviews)
Jun 13, 2023 (3 days), Calgary, 🇨🇦Canada
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The 2023 edition of Global Petroleum Show will be on the 13th, 14th and 15th of June 2023 at BMO Centre in Calgary (Canada).

Attendees: 50,000
Exhibitors: 170
Industries:  #Machinery #Utilities #Oil & Energy #Chemicals
Venue:  BMO Centre

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The Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is North America's driving vitality occasion and pulls in excess of 50,000 worldwide and local oil and gas administrators from more than 21,000 organizations. Authoriti...  Show more

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Mahamat Nour Abakar, OwnerAttended in 2021 as attendee
5/4/21, 8:32 PM
Intéressant comme événement
J'aimerais participer à l'evenement, en tant qu'operateur économique d'un pays pétrolier.  
Anand Jha, MBA, Director salesAttended in 2019 as attendee
6/21/19, 3:05 AM
Good for new companies
It’s a good place for the brands which are trying to establish themselves in NA market  
Ritesh K. Pais, Attended in 2019, 2018, 2017 as attendee
6/20/19, 3:42 PM
Fantastic Showcase for the Energy Industry
The Global Petroleum Show and the surrounding events leading up to it are a great way to showcase the innovation and technology in today's Oil and Gas Industry. It's great seeing familiar faces and an opportunity to make new connections while getting educated on changes facing the market.  
Ricardo Tovar Cadenas, CEOAttended in 2019 as attendee
6/20/19, 1:29 PM
It’s a incredible event. I was my first time in here and liked, for meIs the #1. Congratulations
Global Petroleum Show is great opportunity for new business and know of new technologies and perfect for networking.  
Nasreddine Gouami, Trade Commissioner Attended in 2019, 2018 as attendee
6/20/19, 11:01 AM
A great show for supply chain
As a Trade Commissioner based overseas, GPS was a great platform for me to raise awareness of many opportunities existing in my market, Algeria, and connect Canadian suppliers with a senior delegation I brought with me as part of our Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) work. It was well organized and supported by provinces especially Alberta. The Show may need to get more publicity to make it more international and to expand it to other areas including investment.  
Halima Djalal Abdoulaye , Gestionnaire
6/10/21, 6:50 PM

مساء الخير اخى نصر الدين،كيف حالك واحوالك،من فضلك هل تقدر تكتب لي فى الإيميل تبعى؟

Rob Curle, Marketing Manager @ InFocus Energy ServicesAttended in 2019, 2018, 2017 as attendee, attendee
6/18/19, 5:02 PM
Gets worse each year!
It is mainly the fault of the Alberta-hating Liberal government, but the Canadian oil business is being decimated. As a result, GPS gets slower and slower, worse & worse each year. GPS and DMG Events (as a result) react in this way: they try to incentivise exhibitors with a 10% cut rate if they sign up for next year DURING the show. They want 10% down immediately, 40% a couple months later, and 50% balance a couple months after that. We didn't pay any of that, hoping we would be removed from the show. NO SUCH LUCK, instead they sent us a bill for the entire balance. THAT shows how much they're hurting for cash. We should have been kicked off the list for not paying the initial 10%. We came this year only because we didn't want to lost our money for no return - and as it stands we might have gotten TWO new customers from GPS. But it was an absolutely DISMAL show: Day 1 was great and busy only because of Jason Kenney and the Rally, Day Two was slow (when Day Two is typically the busiest) and Day Three was DEAD DEAD DEAD. Only vendors trying to get work FROM US were there. We did not sign up for next year. Last year we sent a guy to talk about our products but no one showed up for...    Show more
Kurt Armbruster, P. Geol., Geologist for hire or contractAttended in 2019, 2018, 2017 as attendee
6/18/19, 4:41 PM
Technical Conference needs more attendance
As a speaker and from what I saw of the technical conference, it was rather poorly attended. Please reconsider separating the technical and strategic conferences. You may get more people attending the technical talks.  
Elias J Lopez, Oil & Gas Management ConsultantAttended in 2019, 2017, 2009 as attendee
6/17/19, 5:10 PM
Networking and business opportunities appear in the least imagined moments
It has been a great event for my business, attending every day and be updated with new technologies, industry trends and people from different places in the world. The variety and standardization of the event make it possible to fully appreciate the potential of each company, technical consultant as well as the products and services presented. The conferences leave much of a learning and discussion that allow understanding the different tendencies and the value to be applied. I wish could have had the time to capture each one. I just have to give my extensive thanks to organizers and I hope to have news of this and other events in the future.  
Cesar Vera, CCO at Naviera IntegralAttended in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 as attendee
6/15/19, 9:19 PM
Always worth participating in capacity
It is a fantastic event well organized by DMG and with proactive and professional selfless participation of the various members of the various committees. As attendee, exhibitor, panelist or nominee is worth being there.  
Halima Djalal Abdoulaye , Gestionnaire
6/10/21, 6:46 PM

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