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ClickCon 2022

 4.9/5 (79 reviews)
Jun 21, 2022 (4 days), Chicago, 🇺🇸United States
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ClickCon will be happening from the 21st to the 24th of June 2022 at Palmer House Chicago in Chicago (United States).

Attendees: 2,000
Exhibitors: 80
Industries:  #Photography
Venue:  Palmer House Chicago

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Welcome to ClickCon – A photography and videography conference where the community comes together to innovate, create, and collaborate. ClickCon features some of the best speakers and educators from ...  Show more

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Antoine Mance, Photographer/Film Maker - www.amanceproductions.comAttended in 2022 as attendee
8/11/22, 3:51 PM
First time, had a blast & can’t wait for NEXT YEAR!
ClickCon was an amazing opportunity to learn while networking with photographers from all over! The classes were fulfilling, the activities were amazing and people met were spectacular! I’ve made friends that I will probably have for a lifetime in a business of making beautiful art, portraits and concepts! I will recommend ClickCon to all of my friends and people I run into in my journey. It was an epic experience and I must say, the positivity all around was a breath of fresh air. 10stars!  
David Turner, Photographer - www.flashfactorphotography.comAttended in 2022, 2021, 2019 as attendee
8/11/22, 2:52 PM
Clickcon is a super fun event packed with knowledge for all photography levels
I have attended EVERY ClickCon and it gets better each year! I have created great friendships while learning and improving my photography! Super fun event!!!  
Crystal Kjellberg, Photographer - www.darkheartboudoir.comAttended in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 as attendee
8/11/22, 1:18 PM
The best conference for photographers
Clickcon is an all-in-one conference from beginners to advanced photographers. The staff and volunteers are all kind and caring. The speakers are always amazing and their insight has helped me tremendously in my business. I would recommend this conference over any others.  
dainius vidugirs, Attended in 2022, 2021, 2019 as attendee
8/11/22, 2:56 AM
Amazing event for everyone
Don't look any further it is really for every level whether you are experienced photographer or just bought your first camera you will bring many new ideas home.  
Amy Harber, model - amyharber.comAttended in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 as attendee
8/10/22, 6:28 AM
every year gets better and better
I've modeled for all the ClickCon convention and some the meetups during the pandemic. They are so great with making sure that representation matter with regards to diversity of models. All shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders and more. Everyone matters and is made to feel that they are important and vital to the conference. The photos I have received at this conference have opened doors for me. In 2019, images from this convention got me accepted to Coco Rocha's world-famous invitation-only model camp. The images from 2021 helped get me signed with one of the top modeling and acting agencies in Chicago. I can't wait to see what doors the images from 2022 open for me.  
Steve Vansak, Photographer - www.regionweddings.comAttended in 2022, 2021, 2019 as attendee
8/10/22, 3:49 AM
A Photography Conference With A Heart
The Click Con debut in 2019 was such a home run that I have attended each subsequent one. After three conferences now, I hear the term “clickcon family” more and more and this is not hyperbole. They have truly created a photography conference that has a heart. I think it stems from the founder through to the organizers, volunteers and attendees. It’s difficult to explain but everyone is so very welcoming. As for what it is like to attend, I especially like that I have the ability to photograph day and night if I wish. If you want to exercise your craft (photo, video, model, HMUA and more), this is THE conference to attend.  
S Markadonatos , Digital Marketer Attended in 2022, 2019 as attendee
8/10/22, 2:29 AM
You Don't Want To Miss Out!
ClickCon is a conference where you meet new friends, have opportunities to network with a bunch of people, and learn from industry experts. What I love about the event is connecting with everyone. Honestly, everyone is very nice and willing to help you out if you ask. I've been in classes where I felt comfortable going up to instructors and students I never met before asking questions that others may deem insignificant. It really is hard to explain the energy and good vibes that are felt. For example, I've asked to join numerous photoshoots that were scheduled outside of classes and I have always been welcome. Attendees understand it's a learning experience and not a fend for yourself conference. Another thing I loved was I saw people this year who I haven't seen since the first conference (2019) and it was like "Hey friend, how have you been?! Let's go have fun and collaborate on something big."  
Kim Ghys, Morgan Ghys- ModelAttended in 2022, 2021 as attendee
8/10/22, 1:52 AM
Wouldn’t Miss It! Love it!!!
ClickCon is an amazing experience all around! Everyone is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming. Amazing conference every year!  
critter ., Eye Candy MakerAttended in 2022, 2021, 2019 as attendee
8/9/22, 11:53 PM
critter says "Attend ClickCon!"
I've attended ClickCon from the very first one, three total now. Each year gets better and better. It's difficult to fully describe how much fun you will have at ClickCon, you really need to experience it. This conference is truly inclusive in all aspects, attendees, instructors, staff, and models. The creative teams of hair, makeup, and designers are top notch and fully open to collaborating with you. You will have so many opportunities to capture unique images while here, be it in classes, photo walks, or after hours networking with models and fellow photographers. I've met so many people that I am now friends with, and look forward to seeing again every year. The conference is like a huge family reunion. The diversity of the models and range of their genres is truly amazing. I'm amazed at how many looks a model will have here, and I want to photograph them all. Come with an open mind, ask questions, and have fun while being creative.There is always something going on 24/7 during the conference. Attending Max Day is a must. The creative team goes all out to make our models look stunning, and the locations are fantastic.  
Judy Host, Instructor/SpeakerAttended in 2022 as attendee
8/9/22, 4:31 PM
Best ever Photography Conference
As a Speaker who has taught for many years at several different photography conferences, ClickCon is by far the best one. I have never experienced so much positive energy in one place for days at a time and the amount of sharing that happens here. It is nonstop, 24/7 photography at its finest. From the gorgeous models to the amazing styling, the fabulous makeup and hair to the incredible costumes that make this conference rise above the rest. Attendees have the ability to go to classes and then practice what they’ve learned immediately with locations and models available to them to check out. Instructors are also available in between classes helping whenever necessary. As the conference grows, which it will, it’s creators, Sherry and Jeremey Hagerman, very much aware of what is happening in the industry will continue to change with it providing a much needed place for photographers to continue to improve their skills and build their portfolios and businesses.  
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