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Paris, France
Paris, France
Paris, France
London, United Kingdom

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  • Matt Hensler (attendee)
    Award-Winning Marketing Leader
    18/10/2018, 19:00
    Great Speakers for Everyone

    Social Media Strategies Summit had speakers from different industries that made the insight valuable to hear.  

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  • Carissa Rouse (attendee)
    Sr. Marketing Manager | Technical Support | Experience Design | Commun...
    18/10/2018, 18:21
    Go Connect! Be yourself

    This is the place where you can not only show up as your true self, you'll find refreshing presentations and connections along the way. Real key takeaways that are valuable in any organization. The synergy in the room is contagious and the inspiration you bring home to your day job is even more uplifting. Worth every effort to be there. The conference is well organized and full of great content. You will NOT be disappointed!  

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  • Muliadi Jeo (attendee)
    Omnichannel Evangelist, eCommerce Consultant, Magento Solution Partner
    18/10/2018, 13:01
    Just another event like others promoting ecommerce from the point of view of big marketplace

    I was asked to give my review on this year e2eCommerce Indonesia. I ran an event myself and I know it is very difficult to balance between sponsor message and education message. Unfortunately, most events fall under the same trap of becoming more and more sponsors-driven activity. But the one that I think the biggest problem with most of the e-commerce events in the region is the lack of real story from the retail side. The theme of the event should be "bringing together key players to enc...    Show more

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  • David Schooley (attendee, exhibitor)
    Chief Business Development Officer / CMO at OneStone Hubs
    17/10/2018, 16:20
    As the Charging Station Partner and as an Exhibitor.. it was a Very Good Show!

    We were the Official Charging Station for this event. Our OneStoneHubs were placed in the Preferred Lounge, Media Lounge, Educators Lounge and in the Food Court offering mobile charging for attendees. We also had a booth. I would say this was a great show because it seemed to me that almost everyone I talked to was a key decision maker for their establishment. I will be working with them again. We did good business. They event staff was great to work with. All and all.. Great show!  

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  • Jon Chang (attendee)
    IBM Product Marketer | NYU Educator | Keynote Speaker
    16/10/2018, 14:50
    Keynote Speaker, Marketer, and Educator

    Spoke at this conference about marketing analytics. This is super well run, the attendees are well curated and highly engaged, and the event organizers go out of their way to have a successful and enjoyable event.  

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  • Lucas Lovell (attendee)
    Managing Director at Hopstay
    16/10/2018, 10:06
    Great boutique event packed with value

    Attended the Rencontres-Etourisme for the first time in 2018. It was a slick, well-organised event in a beautiful setting. I was surprised at the number of thought-provoking sessions that were relevant to the industry but also up-to-date with latest technology & trends. Very well catered also & a lot of fun. Felt like a bit of an annual meet-up for those working in the destination sector in France, so lots of people already knew each other. 95% of the conference is in French so a least a basic c...    Show more

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  • Juliana DETHUNE (attendee)
    Business Services Specialist - Conférencière - Intervenante INSEEC U.
    16/10/2018, 08:08
    Un salon professionnel de qualité dans une ambiance détendue, à recommander!

    Une journée passée au sein du Salon du Management et de bons souvenirs plein la tête, même un an après. Les conférences et ateliers ont permis d'échanger, de se questionner, d'avancer. Sur les stands, les exposants étaient de grande qualité, j'ai pu découvrir au sein du salon des outils très intéressants, des innovations métiers... Les 4 prix décernés ont également pu nous offrir de belles découvertes dans une ambiance joyeuse et entraînante. Pour couronner le tout, j'ai eu le bonheur et l'honne...    Show more

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  • John Trembley (attendee)
    Specialized in bringing projects to market with positioning, content, ...
    15/10/2018, 16:34
    A wealth of information and insights

    This event was very useful in gaining perspectives on the state of social media. Some companies have clearly embraced it and made good strides while others are fare behind. The sessions were balanced in providing various perspectives.  

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  • Colette Schauber (attendee)
    Consultant & Facilitator at ImFusio
    09/10/2018, 17:07
    Conférences très intéressantes

    J’ai apprécié les conférences/ateliers auxquels j’ai assisté l’année dernière car elles réunissaient non seulement des consultants et des experts mais aussi des acteurs d’entreprises qui témoignaient ouvertement de leurs expériences.  

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  • Ségolène Guitton (attendee)
    Communicante, consultante et facilitatrice
    09/10/2018, 12:44
    Evénement de qualité !

    J'ai vraiment apprécié le Salon du Management car il permettait de découvrir aussi bien des exposants, que des ateliers ou des tables rondes de qualité tout en offrant des espaces de convivialité favorables à la rencontre entre visiteurs. J'y retournerais sûrement en 2018 !  

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