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Although the rise of social media marketing is still quite new in the grand scheme of things, digital marketing evolves and innovates so fast that it’s difficult to imagine what life was like before Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. What are the trends and innovations that digital marketers should be watching and learning more about? Chatbots accelerating and improving customer service, Ephemeral content to improve engagement, using Augmented reality effectively, Influencer marketing becoming more and more important and Video being the undisputed champ of social media marketing. Social media marketing conferences and events are the best way to meet experts and vendors to learn how to integrate these innovations into your digital marketing strategy. Tradefest has compiled our choice for the 10 Unmissable Social Media Conferences for Digital Marketers.

What Social Media Conferences should I attend?

#1 Social Media Marketing World

Location: San Diego

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Attending Social Media Marketing World you’ll find the best marketers showcasing their best content and advice for how to use it. 5,000 attendees make up this international event in a fantastic setting. There are 140 sessions and 4 keynotes. Topics include industry trends, audience growth and the future of social media. There is a networking plaza which is a massive are full of color coded tables depending on who you want to meet and talk about. The after parties have an excellent reputation so networking and meeting new connections can continue right into the early hours.

#2 The Social Shake-Up

Location: Atlanta

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One of the largest gatherings in terms of social media conferences, The Social Shake-Up is jam packed full of interesting topics facing digital leaders. It’s broken down into collaborative sessions, case studies, panel discussions ranging from Social Media Strategy, Video Marketing, Paid and Organic Social, Digital Communities to Customer Mapping and Social Commerce. Each speaker is guaranteed to provide a case study of a social media campaign that provided outstanding results. The Social Shake Up is all about appreciating social media for what is and can be.

#3 Social Media Week: Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles

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This year the theme of Social Media Week is entitled “Closer”, an in depth discussion about a perceived clash between community and individualism. As far as Social Media Conferences go SMWLA is made up of over one hundred lectures, interviews, panel sessions and workshops.The conference has two different stages, including a 500 person theatre and a second stage that has a capacity of 120, coworking lounges, speaker AMA lounge, VR showcase, technology vendors, food trucks serving lunch (included) for all attendees and an opening party to kick-off the week’s activities. The conference is attended by people working in media, marketing, entertainment and technology.

#4 SocialWest

Location: Calgary, Alberta

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SocialWest is a must attend social media conference that takes place over a couple of days. An event that serves the communications, marketing and social media professions. Attendees experience sessions, panels and workshops lead by industry thought leaders. Throughout the SocialWest conference, the speakers deliver case studies of winning social media and digital strategies for small and big companies. All speakers are painstakingly selected to ensure they are innovative, cutting edge and committed to ensuring that their sessions will bring value and learnings to each attendee.

#5 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

Location: Los Angeles

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Compared to other social media conferences, the ANA Digital & Social Media Conference is in its 9th annual year. The event attracts leading CMOs and important leaders who will speak in depth about a range of issues including AI, augmented reality, influencer marketing, voice, virtual reality, social media, chatbots, content marketing, measurement, and much more. This conference has become the yearly unmissable event to speak about digital issues and to network and connect with industry peers.

#6 Social Media Summit (PR News)

Location: San Francisco

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The Social Media Summit differentiates itself from other social media conferences by focusing very closely on how successful brands are changing the game and bringing themselves success on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. Topics discussed range from how to develop your brand’s visual identity on Instagram, craft killer Facebook posts to appeal beyond your target audience to how to effectively use influencers and brand ambassadors to feature in your live videos. The key takeaway will be how to use social media to boost the bottom line of your business.

#7 International Conference On Social Media Marketing

Location: Florida, Fort Lauderdale

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This social media conference has a truly global feel. It intends to look a social media marketing techniques in developed nations and the introduction of social media marketing in emerging economies. This evolution also has big consequences for marketing as a whole in terms of branding, communication and client perception. The event format is very interesting, allowing for a lively discussion between digital marketers and researchers around these topics sharing the most recent ideas, research and surveys.

#8 Social Media Strategies: New York

Location: New York

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This social media conference covers topics linked to revenue generation including matching content to conversions, designing personalized ads which lead to sales and calculating the ROI of video marketing. Networking is focused on forging long lasting mutually beneficial business relationship. As part of the conference package, a complete attendee list is provided. Post conference access to all event videos and powerpoint slides is provided to everyone which will be key to share important learnings with your team.

#9 Smart Social Summit

Location: Austin, Texas

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Taking place In Austin, Texas, Smart Social Summit is one of the more unique social media conferences. The organizer Spredfast has the unique ability to unite some of the largest brands agencies and media businesses with over 700+ social media enthusiasts gathered from many different industries under one roof. Together these two groups will try to resolve industry challenges together as well as building new connections. There is an excellent quality of keynote speakers as well numerous break-out sessions to match ideas with digital marketers so that they come away with game changing insights.  

#10 Social Fresh

Location: Winter Park, Florida

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Out of all the social media conferences Social Fresh claims to be the longest running. The typical profiles of attendees are digital marketer, executive, or CEO. Workshops are adapted for either B2B or B2C.Topics on the agenda include Instagram/Snapchat Stories, Influencer Marketing, Increasing Engagement, Video Ads, Live Video, Chatbots, User Generated Content, Audience Growth, Social Media Automation, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Content Marketing, Social Advertising, Community Building and much more.

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