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The Best Exhibition Stand Builders for Trade Shows in Germany

July 21, 2022


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Discover the ultimate list of the best stand builders for your upcoming trade shows, trade fairs and exhibitions in Germany. Find your next booth displays and stall design experts to make the most out of your events in Germany.

Do you plan to exhibit at a German fair soon? Trade show displays can make a big difference at any industry events. This is what makes your company stand out from the competition in the exhibition halls which is key to attract potentiel buyers to your booth, boost your visibility and increase ROI.

Germany is famous for hosting the largest business events in the world with its Messe (German event venues and organisers). There are thousands of industry exhibitions happening every year in major cities in Germany such as Munich, Berlin, Hannover, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne...

Here is a list to help you find and get in touch with trusted booth providers in Germany.

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Negus Messe Services

Negus Messe Service GmbH was founded in 2006 Düsseldorf, Germany. This is one of the most reliable exhibition services provider that offers a fully comprehensive service to companies and organisations participating in exhibitions in both Germany and abroad. Including exhibition space rental, stand design and construction as well as a wide range of support services, that you may find helpful during the exhibition. Such as catering, hostess services, promoters, transfer services, event organization and many more. Their highly skilled and experienced personnel, their strict quality management and an extensive global network of reliable and trusted partners will ensure a flawless exhibition experience for your projects.

List of exhibitions:

Examples of trade show displays and booth design for Negus Messe

Booth Constructor

Booth Constructor is a booth design services company that operates all over Germany and Poland. It has work with many exhibitors in trade shows and fairs from all over the world to help them with their exhibits and displays. It provides all kind of booth services for all kind of project: custom stands, pavillon stands and modular stands.

Example of booth displays delivered by Booth Constructor


bluepool helps companies to build and stage their brand presence on business events and exhibition. It has built a solid reputation and expertise over years operating in Germany for decades. It has worked on over 1,200 projects. bluepool delivered high-quality projects on events such as HSG Convention, MTU Symposium, Landesmesse Stuttgart and many others.

Example of bluepool's projects:

Parallel Display

Parallel Display is among the German booth builder that can provide trade show displays for all size of project. It operates in Germany for over 20 years. From concept to execution, it delivers high-quality services to upgrade your brand presence on any events with tailor-made solutions.

Example of Parellel Display's projects:

trade show stand
trade show stand design


MeRaum is a stand construction company that delivered sophisticated projects to make your brand stand out from the competition at your next exhibition. It can provide tailored services for custom projects as well as modular stands according to your needs and brand objectives.

This booth builder has operated since 1999 in Germany with many exhibitors in several different industries.

Example of MeRaum's projects:

Meraum booth

Here are other Germany Booth provider that might be interesting for you to get in touch with:

  • Global Designs
  • Clip
  • Newcom Exhibition
  • Expo Display Service
  • Activteam
  • Triumfo
  • Exponents
  • Chritto
  • Knipskugel
  • AV Messe
  • Messe Design
  • Damboek
  • Woernlein
  • Ixpo
  • Meissner Expo
  • Neptunus
  • Rappich
  • Arthic
  • ET Global
  • ...

FAQ about how to set up a booth at a trade show

  • How do you set up an attractive booth? The greatest way to best sell your brand to potential clients and improve awareness is through a trade show. Effective and attractive booth design is the only key to a successful trade show. Creating a design for your booth does not have to be as difficult or time-consuming as you think, you just need to follow a few steps to ensure people are interested and attracted to your booth.
  • Make it interactive People are more interested in interactive elements than passive activities such as viewing a tv screen. People like participating in trade show activities that provide the opportunity to win a gift. The longer people remain at your booth, the more time your representatives have to connect with potential buyers. You can also utilise touch screen technology, provide freebies, or incorporate interactive product displays to lure people into engaging with your content.
  • Keep the main message large and precise and should be higher than waist-height Make sure that your key message is visible from 3 to 4 feet away. Ensure your brand's logo is posted on many places on the booth, and keep your message short and precise on a few effective headlines written boldly for easy reading from a distance.
  • Do not ignore empty space You wouldn't want your booth to look empty, but consider the advantages of leaving free space. Do not use heavy furniture and keep the environment tidy and attractive. If there is enough space, you can guarantee the comfort of your customers when interacting with your staff.
  • Ensure proper image formatting and resolution. Even with the current iPhone version's excellent shots and an Instagram vignette effect, your trade show displays need professionally designed high-resolution images and graphics. Otherwise, your printed items may have features that are pixelated or blurry. Work with a professional that understands the basic concept of the project.
  • Maintain your brand on-point from top to bottom Ensure that your booth has consistent branding across the whole area. All your design elements, such as banners, photos, and gifts, should have your brand logo.
  • Use the Element of Surprise Place an object that doesn't belong in the middle of your display area to draw people's attention. Whatever you do, aim to create surprise or, most of all, a must-know response from the consumer to encourage them to come in and engage with your brand.
  • Understand Graphical "Real Estate" Some areas of your exhibit are more visually prominent than others. For example, most small to medium-sized booths have their point of focus on the back wall, which is where you should place your brand's most important design, statements, and logos. Larger booths often have many focus areas and may even have two back walls; the most important details of your brand should be shown in the booth's centre.
  • Use appropriate colours Colour psychology may be difficult at times. Each colour has different effects on individuals for different reasons. The colour you choose may help you stand out from the crowd and promote your business. White, blue, and green are professional colours that do not attract undue attention. Colours such as red, yellow, and orange are more attractive but should be used cautiously because too many of them may be annoying.

Different factors must be considered when creating a trade show booth. Leave a lasting impression on your visitors by using the mentioned tips.

How long does it take to design a booth?

A distinctive design that attracts attention and is tailored to your needs is a crucial factor to consider while preparing for a trade show. However, how long does it take to build this up? For a pre-designed booth, you will need a total of 60 days; if you are beginning from scratch, you will need 90 days.

What are the different types of Trade show booth

Deciding the type of trade show booth that will work perfectly with your event depends on the areas you will be exhibiting, what you will be exhibiting and the space you need. Here are the various types of trade show booths and what they offer.

  • Inline booth This type of booth is also known as a linear or row booth. It is the most popular type of trade show booth. It is frequently referred to as a perimeter booth if the booths are arranged along the venue's perimeter. This type of booth is usually positioned in a straight line with corner booths and other inline booths with the front exposed to the aisle. They are sized 3m by 3m or 6m by 3m.
  • Corner booth Unlike inline booths, corner booths provide access from two sides, one from the aisle's horizontal side and the second from its vertical side. With corner booths, you can increase the number of people that stop by your booth.
  • Peninsula booth The main difference between Peninsula booths and other types of booths is that Peninsula booths have three entry sides. It comes in two types: one with its back against an inline booth and the other type with its back against a peninsula booth. Its size can be 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, 20x30, 30x30 or bigger.
  • Island booth Island booths are accessible from all sides. Their standard size is 20x20 but it can be larger. It is costly since it has the opportunity of attracting and accommodating more attendees.

If the next show you are exhibiting at is located in the US, discover local and trusted booth partners there that can help you with setting up your booth.

The Best 15 Trade Show Booth Design Companies

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