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Traffic & Conversion Summit 2023

 3,5/5 (9 avis)
12 sept. 2023 (3 jours), San Diego, 🇺🇸États-Unis
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Événement attendu de 2023, Traffic & Conversion Summit sera l'événement à ne pas manquer les 12, 13 et 14 septembre 2023 à San Diego (États-Unis).

Visiteurs : 5 000
Exposants : 0
Secteurs :  #Marketing et publicité #Tech #Numérique
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Chaque année, des milliers des spécialistes du marketing les plus intelligents du monde descendent à San Diego, en Californie, pour apprendre ce qu’il ya de nouveau, ce qui bouge et ce qui fonctionne ...  Voir plus

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Freddy L, mA participé en 2021, 2017, 2015 en tant que visiteur
16/09/2022 20:05
Its ok - lot of pitching, a bit impersonal
When I first attended T&C it was 80% internet entrepreneurs and 20% corporate peeps, now its the other way around, is not really much room for networking except for the events that people do outside of the conference itself, which you don't need a ticket for anyways. If you want the best value I'd say don't buy a ticket and just attend the events around the conference itself . I went in 2021 and it was super disorganized compared to previous events. At least the price was reasonable though at ~$450 for a "discounted" ticket (really they are always discounted as Digital Marketer runs relentless "time limited" sales over and over and over.) Either way with them charging $2,000 for a ticket for 2022, i'm pretty sure they are going to be presenting to crickets. No way the conference is worth that.  
Sage Greenlee, Account ManagerA participé en 2021 en tant que visiteur
15/09/2021 22:55
Clickbait Conference and Summit!
The Traffic and Conversion 2021 Summit offered a lot, but delivered very little. They boasted an app that connected and aided as a networking tool too attendees, but it didn't work. Only on the last day did they inform attendees that their main Keynote speaker wouldn't actually be coming. I scheduled to attend 3 breakout sessions that were approved for my pass on the app, only to be denied at the door each time. They had targeted audience members in EVERY talk I went to to compliment the speaker and the company being advertised. They were pushing authenticity, but were fake and underdelivered. I won't be coming back to the T&C Summit.  
Dominic Presti, VPA participé en 2020 en tant que visiteur
08/04/2021 20:32
Took advantage of COVID to not refund
When COVID hit and the show was moved to late 2020 they were the only show of the 13 we attend that would not do a refund. They kept 50% of the money to go in their coffers and then they automatically moved the other 50% of my money to another virtual event without my consent or knowledge. I found out when I got a login for it in my email a few days before the event. Called to pull out, said couldn't and they would not be giving me any refund either way. Very shady group, very opportunistic and used the tragedy of the Pandemic to further their agenda. Ridiculous and classic old school sales tactics.  
Clodagh Higgins, Digital Agency Coach & ConsultantA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur, visiteur
20/03/2019 09:46
Best conference for Sales & Marketing with a super community
Highly recommend the T&C event for personal and professional connections and education. I wrote a longer piece here - https://blog.growitgroup.com/i-fell-in-love-with-the-traffic-conversion-summit  
Becky Smith, Marketing ManagerA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
08/03/2019 01:56
1st year attending - found the speakers valuable
I left T&C feeling excited with several takeaways​...yet exhausted. But the good kind of exhausted!  
John Corcoran, CoFounder, Rise25, LLCA participé en 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 en tant que visiteur
06/03/2019 07:18
Best place for networking with marketers
I've gone for 4 years now and it gets better and better. The networking is unparalleled and the talks are top notch.  
Chelsea Sayegh, Digital Marketing Manager at ZurixxA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
05/03/2019 19:54
Solid Conference - Would Recommend
Great speakers - would rate 10/10! The content was general except for a few instances, which is always a bummer because I want hard suggestions and specific recommendations, but overall, I definitely have some strong takeaways to look more into and implement at my company. The layout of the conference was a bit ridiculous and I literally was running back and forth across the venue, but I hear that will be fixed next year so that's great. Also, there was no lunch break so you were really forced to skip a sessions if you wanted to have a break and leave the venue for a bite to eat, which was frustrating. Overall, I would recommend the conference to others.  
Zack Herman, Social Media Marketing @ Funnel ReachA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
05/03/2019 18:29
Got some value, lost to improve on
There were a lot of great sessions and I have a lot to implement. I think it was definitely beneficial to go. That said, while the event was well put together, it was a mess of a venue. It was essentially in 3 different main areas, two of which had multiple floors. The other slight complaint (but I guess is expected) is that most of the Digital Marketer related sessions provided little value and was more about the pitch of their services. Once or twice is cool but it was really drilled down in every DM session.  
Casey Wilson, Content Marketer at the Agora CompaniesA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur
05/03/2019 17:36
Tons of great info! Lots of great speakers!
T&C 2019 was a great opportunity for my team to hear the latest and greatest from some of the best minds in the business.  
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