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IAB Forum 2023

 4,2/5 (8 avis)
22 nov. 2023 (2 jours), Città Metropolitana di Milano, 🇮🇹Italie
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IAB Forum revient les 22 & 23 novembre 2023 à Città Metropolitana di Milano (Italie).

Visiteurs : 10 000
Exposants : 60
Secteurs :  #Marketing et publicité #Numérique #Startup & Entrepreneuriat
Lieu :  MiCo

Le Forum IAB est la plus grande foire commerciale digitale en Italie. C'est le quatrième plus grand nombre de participants en Europe. Il se déroule à Milan les 20 et 21 novembre. Pendant deux jours, ...  Voir plus

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Paolo Marrocco, Jr Affiliate ManagerA participé en 2020 en tant que visiteur
05/03/2020 15:54
IAB Milan Novembre 2019
I had the huge opportunity via IAB Forum to face and to compare myself with a challenging and professional environment. As an intern, it represented a satisfaction both personal and organizational: my company entrusted me to meet our stakeholders even tough I was just an intern. Anyway the forum was useful also to have a more comprehensive picture of the digital industry, being up to date and even being informed about the incoming trends and industries by looking at other companies. At the end of the day IAB Forum is a valuable experience for doing business, being informed and networking.  
Tom Fryett, Head of Programmatic Development - omnicom.comA participé en 2020 en tant que visiteur
27/01/2020 12:59
Took me out of the echo chamber
Great event and one that let me hear first-hand different perspectives, thanks for organising!  
Thales de Miranda, A participé en 2020, 2019 en tant que visiteur
17/01/2020 16:21
This is a Great Place to Be!
Excellent opportunity for networking and dooing business!  
Aldo Agostinelli, CDO - sky.itA participé en 2020, 2019, 2018 en tant que visiteur, visiteur
17/01/2020 13:38
It was the best digital event
It was a great opportunity to learn and for making biz  
Andrea Dibitonto, Marketer and business developer - andreadibitonto.itA participé en 2019 en tant que visiteur, visiteur
06/01/2020 20:33
At least once you have to go there
It is not an event for everyone, but it is a decidedly well organized event. Very professional. I would review the stands of the companies and the quality of the speakers, but overall I would recommend the experience.  
Triathlete WithaDayJob, Triathlete with a day jobA participé en 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 en tant que visiteur
19/11/2018 22:18
The most important event in digital advertising of the year, great idea about the digital arena
IAB Forum is the best place to catch up with people in the media that you don't see for the whole year. I've seen much more companies attending this year and personally liked more the digital arena with all interesting speeches than the gold stage. The area of exposition was too wide in comparison to the presence of the booths, and felt "empty", but lessons at the digital arena were full every speech,  
Federica Migliaccio, Digital Marketing Specialist presso Gi GroupA participé en 2018 en tant que visiteur
19/11/2018 17:36
Good experience and nice people
Good experience for a Junior profile, more workshop will be better!  
Fabio Biccari, Digital Transformation Specialist | Startup mentorA participé en 2018, 2017, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 en tant que visiteur
19/11/2018 17:13
Need to be more innovative
I'm sorry but I have to be honest. the market is evolving rapidly but the event seems to me now immobile. I need an event that offers me a vision and takes me into the future, while IAB Forum in Italy is linked to the politics of companies and people who do not grow up. More research on innovation for channels and means of communication is needed. if necessary to tell point by point what in my opinion is missing. below my email: fabio@dfarm.it  
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