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Choosing a trade show design company for your events is such an important decision. Given the level of competition at trade shows, an attractive booth design is key to creating a unique experience for visitors and to stand out from the crowd. A perfect stand design will boost booth traffic, drive sales and enhance brand visibility.

A custom booth design by Metro Exhibits for Fabuwood

What type of booth should you choose?

Depending on your needs and budget, there exists the perfect booth design solution for you. Let’s delve into the different options.

1. Custom booth exhibit: Make a statement

Works best for: large and enterprise companies

Live events like trade shows, expos or conventions are about large scale interaction between a company and their target audience. Only a custom booth design allows you to truly create an immersive brand experience for your audience. It really depends on the scale of your stand design project but personalizing a display can start at 10x10 trade show booths, right up to a double decker custom exhibition display. Having the right exhibition booth design partner who understands your brand goals and marketing needs through a solid exhibit design process from the get-go is the key.

A custom 20x20 booth at CES Las Vegas, designed by Metro Exhibits.

What are trade show booth design best practices for custom exhibits?

Finding the best exhibition booth design partner that has a solid design process is the key to success. Here’s the winning formula:

  • Talk to a friendly trade show display professional and discuss your needs
  • Get a free tailored 3D rendering of your custom exhibit booth
  • Receive a quote based on the 3D rendering and sign off on project
  • The graphics team create or use existing collateral to brand your booth
  • A dedicated project manager coordinates a custom carpentry and build team to complete construction and integrate graphics
  • Quality control phase where booth is preset and fully checked before being broken down and stored
  • Booth is shipped to the show, installed and set up
  • After the event it’s broken down and shipped back to storage
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2. Exhibition booth rental: Cost effective

Works best for: Mid-size and large companies

If your company is exhibiting at less than 3 events a year, a more cost efficient method might be custom exhibit rental in other words hiring a used trade show booth. This works by browsing an existing inventory or rental catalogue, choosing a display you like, from there the booth designer’s graphics team will rebrand it to your company’s specifications, ship it and setup the booth at your event.

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A rental booth designed by Marketing Genome.

3. Modular stands and portable displays: DIY

Works best for: small-size companies and start-ups

Exhibition stands created using modular display methods are easier to transport than custom built exhibits. The design means that the stand can be broken down into smaller pieces that can be easily stored.

These components can then be easily transported on the road. A modular exhibition stand also easily lends itself to being shipped using FedEx or UPS which means reduced freight and storage costs.

This cost-optimization/ DIY solution is by far the best for small-size companies and start-ups whose visual identity and marketing copy can evolve. But you’ll have to take care of transport, booth setup and dismantlement yourself.

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