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MIPTV 2022

 4.3/5 (6 reviews)
Apr 4, 2022 (3 days), Cannes, 🇫🇷France
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MIPTV will be on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April 2022 in Cannes (France).

Attendees: 10,000
Exhibitors: 3,400
Industries:  #Entertainment #Media Production #Events Services

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MIPTV is the one and only market that is dedicated to Content Development & Distribution for Drama Series (Original and Scripted Formats), Kids Content (Animation & Live Action), Documentaries and For...  Show more

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Philippe Leventic, CEO chez TinswerAttended in 2019 as attendee
5/20/19, 3:22 PM
Les 6 leçons que j'ai apprises au MIPTV
Jeune chef d'entreprise, j'ai lancé ma société Tinswer début 2019. Si il fallait faire un tweet pitch en moins de 280 caractères, je le ferai ainsi : la plateforme Tinswer propose de relayer toute l’actualité littéraire pour le grand public et pour les professionnels (évoluant dans l’édition littéraire, l’audiovisuel et le cinéma). Et en 7 mots ? Tinswer est un nouvel agent littéraire numérique. De ce fait je me devais de participer à mon premier MIPTV à Cannes, le plus grand évènement international réunissant pendant 4 jours (8-11 avril) tous les professionnels de la télévision. Je recommande à tous de participer au MIPTV. Voici les 6 leçons que j’ai apprises au cours de mes 4 jours cannois : -L’intronisation des nouveaux participants est parfaitement calibrée. -Les participants sont reçus comme des princes. -Chaque rencontre professionnelle ne dépend que d’une personne : vous. -Chaque rencontre est toujours fructueuse. -Cannes, Canneséries et MIPTV sont en synergie. -Le MIPTV ne s’arrête pas le 11 avril. Il continue sur un autre format. Pour prolonger mon retour d'expérience je vous invite à lire l'article sur mon blog. Bonne lecture à vous.    Show more
Michal Ben-David, Attended in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 as attendee
5/7/19, 5:34 AM
MIPTV market needs change
I really like the mip markets and I look forward to attend each market however MIPTV is not as good as it’s used to be. Main issues: Identity - not clear what the market is vs mipcom Conference - the quality is not as good as in previous years - programme is not interesting enough. Digital media - ‘disappeared’ from the market . This was one of the strongest qualities of MIPTV in the early years. Overall , it feels as the focus of the market has shifted to Cannes Series - lack of interest for the industry. Hope this help, Best Michal  
Lain Gardner, Attended in 2019 as attendee
5/5/19, 9:52 AM
First time impression
This was my first foray into MIPtv, and there's plenty of market insight and trends to absorb whilst attending. There are also opportunities open to meet with influential broadcasters which fledging production companies such as mine should take advantage of.  
Todd Inman, MBA, Attended in 2019, 2016 as attendee
5/3/19, 1:15 PM
Business Opportunities are yet to be determined.
It was a well organized event. I was told that the Fall event is a better value because of more exhibitors. I don't know if independent producers and content creators find this event to be a good fit. Many exhibitors were not taking appointments from us. I think there needs to be some type of way we can make deals.  
Virginie Gaydu, Producer and CEO of EPUARAttended in 2019 as attendee
5/2/19, 6:42 PM
One of my moste efficient business market
It was my first MIPTV and I was coming just to see and understand the market before coming back next year. I wasn't suppose to make big meetings and encounters, just listen and learn. And guess what ? I've reached both goals : I learned a lot and meet great people for business to come. I'm very happy of this event and I'll do my best to be part of it next year.  
Dimitris Savvaidis, Attended in 2019 as attendee, attendee
5/1/19, 12:45 AM
Gets beyter every year!
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