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Make sure your company is going to succeed at Chicago Build, you need to find an experienced and trustable booth builder that is reactive and adaptable. Tradefest works with the most experienced booth builders in the USA and has among its network a series of providers of building amazing booths at previous editions of Chicago Build.

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Looking for a trade show booth builder to succed at Chicago Build? Check out these options below:

1. Custom booth exhibit: Live events like trade shows, expos or conventions are about large scale interaction between a company and their target audience. Only a custom booth design allows you to truly create an immersive brand experience for your audience. Having the right exhibition booth design partner who understands your brand goals and marketing needs through a solid exhibit design process from the get-go is the key. 2. Exhibition booth rental: If your company is exhibiting at less than 3 events a year, a more cost efficient method might be custom exhibit rental in other words hiring a used trade show booth. This works by browsing an existing inventory or rental catalogue, choosing a display you like, from there the booth designer’s graphics team will rebrand it to your company’s specifications, ship it and setup the booth at your event. 3. Portable displays: Popup stands are easy to transport. The design means that the stand can be broken down into smaller pieces that can be easily stored. A portable display also easily lends itself to being shipped using FedEx or UPS which means reduced freight and storage costs.