Tradefest is live, the global events discovery platform for trade fairs and conferences2 min read


Paris, October 1st, 2017.


In 2017, trade fairs and conferences are still the most important way of doing business. In spite of the rise of digital, exhibiting at events still represents the biggest slice of marketing spend. Why is this? Exhibiting at events is the preferred way to meet potential clients and accelerate the sales cycle – and this trend shows no sign of slowing.


Interestingly, the event industry hasn’t completed its transition to the digital age. Finding relevant events remains a difficult task with no guarantee of success. Will there be business opportunities? How do I get reliable unbiased feedback? How can I discover new events? These challenges exist in domestic markets and are amplified further when exhibiting at trade shows abroad.


Announcing Tradefest, a free digital space dedicated to event professionals. Share reviews and insights on events, get reliable data, find out about new events, select industry specific trade fairs and conferences and avoid known pitfalls. Furthermore, organisers collect valuable feedback from user reviews highlighting what they do best and also advice on where to focus on what needs improvement.


“Almost all attendees, exhibitors and organisers we have met agreed that, in the events industry, the voice of the customer needed a new space to express itself. In the age of digital, discovering events or getting feedback shouldn’t be such a difficult and time-consuming task. Today, we are very proud to release Tradefest and help small, medium and big companies Find Events, Grow Global.”, summarises Paul Revellat, Co-founder and CEO.



About Tradefest:

Tradefest is a Paris-based startup created by an international team of three cofounders. Based on previous experience both in start-ups and large companies, attending trade fairs in many different sectors all around the world they understood the different facets of the events industry and all faced similar problems. Together, they launched Tradefest, a platform that helps companies solve the events discovery enigma.


Find Events. Grow Global.