Top 20 Best Projection Mapping Examples to get Inspiration for your Event14 min read

Projection Mapping has become a very powerful way to turn events into immersive and memorable experiences. Let’s have a look to the greatest initiative to gain inspiration for your next event!

The reason why projection mapping has become so popular in the event industry is probably because it’s an affordable technology that can deliver breathtaking results if you partner with the right provider. Although most of people have experienced projection mapping and 3D graphic projections during public events or on public monuments, it has multiple applications and can be applied in many different contexts: booth display, product launch, music festival, weddings and even more.

Hollywood Bowl – LA Philharmonic

XiteLabs LA Phil 100th at the Hollywood Bowl from XiteLabs on Vimeo.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic kicked off its 100th anniversary season in December 2017 with a free live concert for 18,000 fans. The concert took place at the Hollywood Bowl. The event featured a very impressive projection mapping show with dynamic projections and real-time visual improvisations as we can see in the video.

Xite Labs is a world-class projection mapping leader. They provide comprehensive concept, design, technical and production services for entertainment and corporate clients.

Find out more about Xite Labs

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres by Maizz Visual

The client requested a permanent show of projection mapping 3D for the access wall (22x12m) to the entertainment and food area of the hotel. Two pieces of mapping 3D were created based on Mayan culture. The first, is an intro loop that transform the facade with kinetic effects while the main piece (7 minutes), narrates a space journey inspired by Mayan symbols and culture. 

Maizz Visual is creative studio based in Mexico City that specializes in motion graphics 3D and projection mapping for both arts, events and advertisement projects. Maizz Viusal is managed by Jose Morente and Israel Villalobos, both Spanish with long experience in the audiovisual field.

More information about the Maizz Visual


Box is a one-of-a-kind experiment that feature several projection and video technologies to display the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The video shows a live performance of the mechanism with no after effect and give a taste of its true potential.

The combination of several technologies including hardware, large-scale robots, advanced projection mapping software and lighting solutions defines a new artistic genre of expression with a great potential for public presentation and events in general.

Digitalk Opening Ceremony

3D mapping can create breath-taking impressions for openings ceremonies. A good example is the business conference Digitalk that created a very immersive and impressive experience for attendees thanks to a combination of lighting and projection mapping show in the main stage.

Digitalk is a leading digital keynote conference in Europe that invite brings together business leaders, investors, founders, marketers and entrepreneurs to discuss the future of digital business.

The production has been led by MP Studio

Facade Fest

Façade Festival is a public art event dedicated to contemporary Canadian artists that takes place in Vancouver. Last year it featured artist such as Diyan Achjadi, Fiona Ackerman, Scott Billings… Every year, the projection mapping contest brings together the trendiest artists and engineers for 3D graphics, precisely-mapped manipulations, and depth illusions.

The video shows the 2017 Façade Festival Finale. Artwork content were projected onto the Vancouver Art Gallery building.

More information about the Façade Festival

Star Awards 2018 at MES Theatre

The Star Awards is an yearly events taking place in the city of Singapore where the media company Mediacorp awards entertainers for the best performances of the year. The 2018 edition showcased a very special Dome projection mapping with great execution and awesome results as you can see in the video. The effect of light projection on the entire surface of the dome creates a fully immersive experience that’s truely impressive.

This technical performance has been successfully executed by the Indian media studio Knownsensestudios.

Dataton projection mapping ISE 2018

ISE Integrated System Europe is one of the leading trade show for AV and systems integration. The video shows a great example of what a 3D projection artwork can look like on a trade show booth. The challenge of having the projection mapping onto a moving object make the attraction even more impactful.

DSE 2018: NEC Display Shows

This work has been seen at DES Digital Signage Expo 2018. In that example, they show how projection mapping can be used to highlight exhibited products at a trade fair or in store. It creates a new kind experience for buyers when it comes to discovering new physical product. The event is held in the NEC Birmingham every year and brings together thousands of digital signage professionals.

Lamborghini Urus | Multimedia Show

The video shows the car launch of Lamborghini Urus in Russia. The event took place on February 15, 2018 in the Museum of Moscow. The artwork you see is a mix of multiple high technologies including projection mapping onto a moving structure made of 56 kinetic triangles. The results is just breathtaking.


TRUEFEST is a great music festival in the small city of Hay-on-Wye, Wales. The event takes place in a Mansion in the middle countryside which makes it very special for attendees. In 2018, the organiser set a breath-taking projection mapping artwork on the mansion façade. Here’s a taster of how the show went on. It’s a great example of how 3D technologies can be used to enhance the visitor experience as well as create a nice teasing to promote the festival.

If you’re interested in participating in the next edition, find out more about TRUEFEST.

Mercedes Benz A-Class Launch

Mercedes also used car projection mapping for the launch of the Mercedes Benz A-Class at Groep Vereenooghe Ostend in may 2018. The results gives great impressions with the light effects and music that perfectly fits with the lines of the model and the spirit of the brand.

Festival of Lights Kuwait 2019

The Festival Of Lights is a fresh light art festival in Kuwait that inaugurated its first edition this year. The event gathers local and international artists to perform interactive shows, lectures, educative workshops as well as live performance. This first edition sets high standard with a beatufiul light art projections onto the unique and beautiful Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre. The light show helps attendees to discover the history and the stories of the monument through a very special live experience.

The performance has been released by MP Studio

Audi Future Space 2018

Projection mapping is also a great tool for big product launch events. It is often used in the automotive industry to enhance new car releases. This a video mapping show for Audi by Panasonic in collaboration with Fabrika. The event were held in Bosnia in 2018.

Lux Helsinki 2018 projection mapping ”Ajan rooli”

Lux Helsinki is an annual Finnish light art events well-known for 3D graphic and projection mapping performances. It features 12 installations in the many parts of Helsinki to celebrate both the history and modernity of the city. The video shows a spectacular art work called Ajan rooli. The façade is smaller than other great monument projection mapping but the precision and the great execution make the performance unique as a 3D-graphic façade projection.

To get more information about the light festival Lux Helsinki

Volkswagen Tiguan at IBFW Season 6 2018

IBFW is Asia’s greatest Resort Fashion Week based in Goa, India. The show has a important influence all over Asia. Many brands come to exhibit their product. In 2018, season 6, Volkswagen exhibited the Tiguan SUV with a special 3D mapping animation. This is very effective to draw the public’s attention and create memorable impressions.

Projection Mapping on the Berliner Dom by Maxin10sity – Festival of Lights

To celebrate the 13th edition on Berlin Festival of Lights in 2017, the city used the worldwide famous Berliner Dom as a venue to the projection mapping contest. The video shows the introduction part of the festival implemented by the award-winning projection mapping company Maxin10sity. The combination of such a great historical monument and the quality of the light and projection technologies makes the performance truly outstanding.

Rackham Building for University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI, USA

The Bicentennial celebrations of the prestigious University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, USA is a nice example of how projection mapping can create exceptional experience. The show called Hailstorm! represents the most important happenings of the 200 years of the University. The images and 3D video were projected on the main building Ann Arbor.

Norwich Castle 3D Projection Mapping Creative 2017

Norwich Castle is a Museum and Art Gallery in England, UK. It hosts every year festive celebrations cultural and artistic performances including this impressive projection mapping show. The agency Double Take have produced this performance 2 years in a row. The video shows the second edition.

Masterclass Artworks – Factory Light Festival 2018

The Factory Light Festival in Norway in one of the greatest light festival in Northern Europe. In 2018, it introduced a new concept including free education for animators et motion designers focusing on the practical knowledge of projection mapping.

The video explains all the technical and artistic process of this unique initiative with amazing results around the theme of “The Universe” questioning the foundation of our own world.

Winner of iMapp Bucharest 2018 – Vision Impossible

iMapp Bucharest in an international video mapping competition taking place in the city of Bucharest. It brings design, contemporary art and show directly on the large 23,000 sqm façade of the Parliament Palace. The event gathers more than 300,000 people every year including specialists, professionals and passionates.

This very spectacular show is the work delivered by the winner of the competition in 2018.

White Night Melbourne

The White Night is a famous public event in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to art and culture. During 3 days, lighting shows, concerts and other cultural activities take place in the city. It is particularly well-know to feature impressive and cutting-edge 3D projection and lighting shows.

The 2018 edition was the 4th edition. This spectacle 3D video mapped projection on the Royal Exhibition Building facade created a unique unforgettable moment for all.

Know more the White Night

3D Mapping in Lebanon – La Nuit Des Musees

The Lebanese Ministry of Culture organised this special event with a wonderful 3D projection on the exterior of the National Museum of Beirut. The show consisted of animations parts referring to the main epochs of human history since the creation of life.

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