Add a Free Company Events Agenda to your Website Today3 min read

Feature Release: A Beautiful Company Events Agenda. Easily Optimize Your Website to Increase Lead Generation For Trade Shows and Events.

Events like trade shows when properly optimized are the most powerful  sales channels and can dramatically influence a company’s bottom line. At the pre-event stage, the role of marketing teams is to ensure that everybody knows that your company is coming so that any sales prospects, existing clients or other partners can successfully book a meeting with a sales representative before the event.

Successful event marketing is like an efficient and well oiled machine. It’s important to get the basics right. So what about all those potential customers that visit your website everyday, chances are they’re going to an industry trade show. So ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have an events agenda on your website?
  2. Is it up to date?
  3. Can prospects easily book a meeting with you?

At Tradefest we’re on a mission to help you Book More Meetings! That’s why we just launched a fully Personalizable Company Events Agenda for your website. Marketing teams can easily create and update the company’s yearly events agenda in just a few clicks and generate beautiful and actionable lead generation landing pages for each event. 

Take a look at this short demo

Inspire prospective clients who visit your website to meet you at an upcoming event or trade show. Show people you’re a company they’d love to meet with a beautiful events page. Empower them to book a meeting with a sales person the second they’re ready with a dedicated contact form.

Why it makes sense…

  • UX Design: Add an events agenda section to your website without any coding
  • Sales: Book more meetings prior to an event with a dedicated contact form for each event
  • Marketing: Save a lot of time. Generate beautiful landing pages for each event in a few clicks. Content (date, venue, description…) autofills automatically from our database so you’re always up to date!

This is how the events agenda could look on your website


How to add this free company agenda to your website

First you need to head over to and sign up to create your free account. Next you can access the company events agenda from the drop down menu in account settings.

Once you’ve created your events agenda on Tradefest, you just need to take the automatic public URL that’s generated and link it to an events section on your website.

Don’t let your sales team arrive at a trade show with empty meeting slots. Trade shows and business events are too valuable to leave to chance!

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