Less Stress & More Success with Eventtia Event Planning and Logistics Made Easy4 min read

One event management software, multiple top-notch solutions:

Events are gaining momentum.

Whether the overall goal is to attract new leads, increase brand awareness, provide networking space, or enable knowledge co-creation, people finally seem to understand the real marketing potential events have.

As Greg Oates, editor at Skift Magazine, highlights, “CMOs are investing more in live events because they deliver brand messaging effectively amid the growing cacophony of digital marketing in our daily lives.”

Statistics don’t lie: According to the authors of “The Value of Brand Experience,” a Freeman white paper, 82% of executives say face-to-face events are a higher budget priority than technology (79%) or customer research (66%).

As a result, more and more companies, brands, and institutions worldwide are embarking on the planning adventure and becoming active agents of the event industry.

However, this attempt comes at a price.

Even if a professional planner is brought in to manage the event (although most companies or institutions plan events in-house), the logistics imply levels of complexity, multiple struggles, and constant uncertainty.

Both event professionals and people who just happen to plan events (usually someone in the marketing or communication department, personal assistants, etc.) have to overcome the following challenges:


Surviving the logistic nightmare

When people manage events, they usually spend all of their time and efforts on putting the administrative puzzle pieces together.

From designing the event program and designing the registration form to ensuring a flawless check-in procedure and managing the attendee, these tasks will usually be the source of constant headaches.

The problem (and headache) gets bigger when planners depend on third parties and have no control whatsoever over the event logistics. For example, they don’t have the autonomy to update the constantly changing information on their page, without the help of a web designer to whom they outsourced the creation of the site.


Attracting the RIGHT attendees

It’s one thing when the event is based on invitations; it’s another thing entirely when planners have to reach new leads. The latter requires well-defined attendee personas, powerful communication channels, and a strong marketing campaign.

Without having the right tools, the organizers may spend hours trying to identify potential attendees and creating attractive mailing campaigns.


Scaling up the event

It’s one thing to plan a small conference for 50 people; it’s a totally different story to plan a gathering or trade show for more than 1,000 attendees.

Scaling up the event may become a real hassle when everything planners do is executed manually, and there’s no way they can automatize or digitize some of the logistical tasks.


Event solutions for those who want to make an impact

Considering all these underlying problems, we at Eventtia decided to develop a powerful event management tool especially designed to empower professionals and planners to navigate the increasingly complex world of the event industry.



We offer support for different types of events and add agility to the planning process, offering top-notch solutions and complete automation. With Eventtia, event organizers can streamline both the performance and decision-making process, while focusing on crafting the best experiences for their attendees.

We guide our clients through the entire planning and marketing progression, enabling them to make the most out of our software’s capabilities.


Dedicated to an international audience, Eventtia is perfectly suited for anyone who plans conferences, seminars, conventions, business or corporate events, trainings, and B2B matchmaking sessions.

We cover a wide variety of functionalities, providing all the necessary solutions in one toolbox:


Event management software

We developed one of the most powerful tools for a wide spectrum of planning needs. Our event management software is 100% user-friendly, drastically simplifies the logistic process, and allows the planning team to set up awesome events.


A top-notch B2B matchmaking platform

Our B2B matchmaking tool helps planners run high-quality networking events in just a few clicks. We are committed to helping organizers connect people and businesses at their events.

Our networking solution reconfigures the way attendees interact with each other, encouraging them to transition from mindlessly exchanging business cards to building truly meaningful connections.


Event mobile app

We created our progressive event mobile app with your logistic requirements and attendees’ expectations in mind.

The app was thoroughly built to ensure an easy-to-customize event experience, guaranteeing personalized and gratifying moments for your event guests. Apart from that, planners have access to a wide range of tools and features that support the planning process.


Exhibition management software

We believe in simplifying the logistics as much as possible. That’s why we built an

program that covers all of your planning and communication needs. We

help trade show organizers automate the exhibition-related tasks and transform the planning experience into a seamless procedure that requires almost no effort.

When it comes to quality and excellence, we at Eventtia believe in helping planners to provide the best experiences ever to their attendees. Each day, we strive to empower people to design impactful events that will thrill and amaze their guests.