How to get the best deal on accommodation when attending Trade shows and Conferences3 min read

When planning an out of town trip for both trade shows and conferences, how long do you usually spend searching for the best deal and location for accommodation? Stay22, a travel tech startup, responds with a resounding “too long!” The company took action by building a map-based accommodation solution to solve business event travelers’ booking woes.


Stay22 is a map based solution designed to improve the user experience surrounding the search for accommodation for business event travelers. The map acts as a resource for travelers attending business events such as trade shows and conferences, enabling them to book lodging nearby the event venue. By pulling listings from hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs worldwide, Stay22 enables event-goers to stay close to the action. Event organizers embed the map into their website, allowing attendees to curate their event experience. The Stay22 map allows event-goers to select lodging according to type, price range, and distance from the event venue. Stay22’s solution provides more choice to attendees while allowing organizers to streamline the event planning process by eliminating much of the work surrounding securing lodging for attendees.


Stay22 pulls accommodation data from across the web through partnerships with Airbnb, Expedia, and By aggregating 6.5 million listings worldwide, Stay22’s map spotlights all available hotel rooms, hostel beds, and Airbnb listings in the vicinity of a trade show and conference location. The map positions the event venue at the center and includes other points of interest to give attendees a sense of the location, event proximity and lodging price all in one space. One click sends users directly to the booking page of their selected accommodation.



Both Stay22 and Tradefest are players in the event tech ecosystem. Each solution widens the scope of possibility for trade shows and conferences – be it in terms of accommodation or choice of event. Just as Tradefest is changing the way exhibitors and attendees discover, compare and book the best business events, Stay22 creates a similar opportunity for accommodation.


Stay22’s map benefits both trade show and conference organizers and attendees. Attendees can choose from a plethora of accommodation options without having to flip between tens of Google Maps and lodging websites. The experience is streamlined and simplified, making for a great user experience. Moreover, with Stay22’s map embedded on an event’s website, users can access all the information they need in one place.


On the organizers’ end, Stay22’s solution provides unprecedented convenience. The map can be up and running in minutes – a welcome departure from the frustration trade show and conference planners experience organizing room blocks. However, should an organizer prefer to maintain the room block model, the Stay22 map can still be of use. The map can feature the room block accommodation only – with the ability to open up other options only once the room block is fully booked. To sweeten the deal, Stay22 shares the profits from each booking made through the map with event organizers.


Using Stay22, organizers must no longer deal with the work of organizing lodging for out of town attendees – they simply need to integrate the map onto their event’s webpage and allow attendees to make the choice that suits them best.


Just as Tradefest provides a new way to search for tradeshows and conferences, Stay22 gives event goers a new way to search for accommodation. The systems work in tandem, allowing for event searchers and event-goers to explore new opportunities in their choices. Both Tradefest and Stay22 are centered around the notion of offering consumers convenience and new options, allowing both to stand out as innovators in the conventional events and event accommodation industry.