7 Tips for Efficient Lead Capture at Trade Shows3 min read

Trade shows can provide the perfect opportunity to generate new business opportunities. Nothing beats speaking to an attendee or potential prospect face to face. For a sales person it’s a dream come through, no distractions, the person is right in front of your booth and happy to hear more about your company and the products and services it offers.

Companies nowadays are employing technology more and more to optimize event marketing and trade show strategy. Data capture apps fit very much into this narrative. This solution essentially allows for a prospect’s contact information to be collected and stored digitally and with ease during a typical sales conversation at an event. There are numerous benefits to integrating a system such as this at your next trade show or expo.

We asked Laurence Bohmer from LEADR Data Capture, one the world’s leading event capture solution why some of the world’s leading brands at trade shows, including BMW, McDonald’s, NetJets and British Gas choose to work with them and to share some quick tips, best practices and things to consider before engaging with a vendor. Here’s what he said…

1# Data compliance

Make sure you capture your data Opt-In. Provide your exhibition visitors with the legal requirement of opting in for further contact/information.

2# Strike up a conversation

Generate better quality leads through conversation, don’t just scan an attendees badge. Get answers to the questions that matter.

3# Create a better first impression.

A beautifully branded app makes a nice change from traditional paper forms that are prone to human error and highly time consuming in terms of recording information on site, then having to manually enter the data into your CRM back at the office.

4# Don’t piss off the EU!

Ensure that you are using a lead capture solution that is fully GDPR compliant. You need a provider that has all their bases covered when it comes to handling user data.

5# Speed is the name of the game

Secure and instant data export allows for quick follow up so the leads stay warm and the sales cycle is accelerated.

6# Keep on top of trade show ROI

Find out how many leads, meetings and opportunities have been generated at an event? Access a secure dashboard to view event statistics, in real-time.

7# Automate follow up emails

Send an instant thank you for visiting email, including your contact details, website address and social media channel links.

About Laurence

Laurence Bohmer is Head of Sales & Marketing at Media Base Direct, the company behind the LEADR Data Capture app and has been assisting companies with their data requirements for the past 25 years. They are committed to ensuring the strictest security and compliance of your data.

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