7 Effective Marketing Tips For Fashion Startups5 min read

The reason why most fashion businesses fail is because they don’t have a marketing plan in mind. Marketing is one of the most important requirements for your fashion business to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Each of the following ideas are meant for startups and small businesses. If you make the right decisions and investments, you’ll come up with an effective marketing strategy for your fashion business. Here are seven effective marketing tips for fashion startups. 

When you design your logo, you should consider the demographics of your target audience.

1. Create a Unique Logo

One of the best ways for any fashion business to stand out is to create an interesting and unique logo. This is one of the first things that your customers will see. When you think of some of the best designers, the first thing that comes to your mind is their logo. In some cases, it’s more important than the fashion line. 

When you design your logo, you should consider the demographics of your target audience. Some of the most popular sports fashion brands have a minimal but iconic logo. On the flip side, luxury brands such as Givenchy and Louis Vuitton have some of the most intricate logos. Most fashion brands have their logos designed by a professional graphics designer. This little tweak can make a massive impact on your business. 

2. Come Up with a USP

One mistake that most fashion brands make is to determine how to market themselves. Do you want to follow the trends? Or do you want to market yourself by having your distinct sense of style? If you want to create trends, then your impact will only last for a season. If you have something fresh and unexpected to offer, then you should market that. 

Two great examples of this are Crocs and Converse shoes. Both of them are different in style than the other shoes on the market. When you think of each of these brands, their shoes immediately enter your minds. They let their shoes market themselves instead of the other way around. 

3. Get on Social Media

Social media marketing has become an effective form of marketing in the digital age. It’s helped create a brand awareness channel for fashion businesses of all shapes and sizes. Sewport CEO Boris Hodakel suggests getting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and using them to your advantage. There are so many fashion brands that use social media managers to market their products for them. 

You don’t have to spend all of your time on social media if you don’t want to. Social media campaigns are paid marketing campaigns that are helpful for small businesses because they target specific customers. Their ads are displayed based on that user’s specific needs and interests. The great thing about these ad campaigns is that they only cost a few dollars to start, allowing you to dip a toe into social media marketing. 

4. Build Your Online Store

Almost every fashion brand has an online store. A high-quality website design can greatly improve your business. There are several e-commerce platforms and online store designers that can help you build your online store at affordable prices. All you need to do is manage the analytics, marketing, and logistics. Check out How to start a Clothing Line? «The Super Guide» + Costs & 43 Expert Tips to help you start your clothing brand online.

5. Host Fashion Events

This is an important part of running a fashion business that often gets overlooked. How can a startup like yours get noticed? You can start by hosting a local fashion show and have streamed live on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. This will help you reach a new audience of people. 

Other times, hosting a charity event or sponsoring an affiliated event can help increase brand recognition. You can create any event you want to market your clothing line. Before doing this, you should come up with a unique and interesting fashion brand name to choose for your clothing line. With a unique name in place, it’ll allow your audience to immediately recognize your brand. 

6. Digital & Print Marketing

Don’t forget about these two important methods of marketing. Fashion businesses have relied on digital and print marketing for several years. You should invest in advertising space for billboards, flyers, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, etc. Each of these channels are great for marketing once your name is established. 

You want to make sure that the investment you make is appropriate for your chosen target audience. For example, if your brand is targeted towards teenagers, then your ads should be featured on channels like MTV and VH1. You should also focus on placing ads on streaming music services and social media apps like Snapchat. 

7. Keep Your Customers Engaged

Once you attract customers to your business, you should actively engage with them. Discounts and promotions are one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged. The best way to advertise these offers is through your e-mail newsletter. You don’t want to send too many e-mails at once as they opt out of your newsletter. 

You need to come up with a good excuse for sending the e-mail. This shouldn’t be too hard to think of as there is now a day dedicated to every other day of the year. Make the most out of these opportunities. 

Each of these strategies is effective for putting your fashion brand on the map. If you want to make your clothing line a reality, it’s important to make the right investment in the right channel for marketing your business.

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Tomas Smith is a production process specialist at Sewport – an online marketplace connecting brands and manufacturers, former advisor to various clothing manufacturing businesses. He is passionate about process optimisation and all things related to garment manufacturing, writing and sharing his knowledge with the world.